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Littlefee/Bambicrony Wings-- question

Mar 13, 2009

    1. Does anyone know if the Littlefee wings will work on Bambicrony? Are they magnetized like the Bambicrony wings?

      If they do work, can someone post a picture?
    2. If I remember correctly, someone tried BC wings on a LF and they work upside down - magnet polarities are reversed. So I would guess the same is true for LF wings on a BC. Sorry I don't have the BC to try and take pics. Maybe someone else can give you a definite answer.
    3. superamy7: you're right, LF wings are reversed from BC wings, so the left attaches on the right and right on the left.

      bellydancer: I can take a picture of the result if you like, but you can probably imagine what it looks like ^^;;.
    4. i would love to see a pix of it too
    5. Ok! Here are two pics...the one on the right is of the wings upside-down, which is really the only way they fit. The one on the left, shows the wings with them right-side up. You can see how the left magnet works on the right and the right on the left.

    6. My lad Woozle... (LittleFee Shiwoo) wearing Bambicrony wings..


    7. Did you flip the polarity?
    8. just took the magnets out and put them in right way, ive sold all my elf bambi's and this was a spare pair left over.
    9. Cool because when i get a LTF girl I want the transparent wings...
    10. Ive had some of them, I dont think you'll get the magnets out easy, I had to soak these wings and you wont be able to do that with them.. they are fragile and break easy and the colour would come off when they are soaked to get the magnet glue soft, I had to use a mixture of acetone and water.. 25% acetone to 75% water.. You cudnt wedge the magnets out either as no space to do it as they are tight in and the wings would break.
    11. Heat won't work?
    12. I've never tried to get the magnets out of the butterfly wings I have (CBBW-01), but they really are extremely delicate. I don't even like to use them very often because they feel like they might break when I take them off or put them on. The magnets have come out of my cloude wings a couple of times but I use them a lot (and take them on and off to change outfits or wigs) so the white resin wings are probably easier to get the magnets out of in general...

    13. I think I will try that on my spare pair when they come in.

      Thank you Maz for the pointer.
    14. I agree, the buterfly ones are lovely had a purple pair, but so delicate, thr resin ones are so much stronger..

      and ReineDeLaSeine14, heat would def damage the coloured ones.

      Happy to help hun :)