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Littlefee Hybrid Options

Sep 8, 2018

    1. Hi! I just bought a Littlefee head, so I either have to buy a body second hand, do a split, or find a body that I can do a hybrid with successfully.

      Has anyone made a hybrid with a LTF head before? What's the neck mechanism like with other bodies? Can I buy a 26cm doll body (e.g. Doll Love 26.5cm girl body), and put the s hook like normal?

      It's not the biggest deal if resin colour is a little off, I'm fine with it a little different and can blush some difference away. I'm more worried about the neck compatibility, as I've never owned a BJD before, and would like to know my options before buying a FL body.
    2. Hi,

      I own LTF hybrids and full LTFs myself, so I think I am helpful^^

      Concerning the options: you are right! You can get a LTF body with headback directly from the company, try to get one second hand or go for a hybrid. Important to know for you is at this point that Fairyland DOES NOT sell the headbacks seperately. I asked them more than once ... For this reason the headbacks are hard to get on the second hand market or are pricey.

      You could try to make your own headback out of polymer clay or similar. I did already one try. I made a nice amount of mistakes, learned a lot and will try again XD" For now the result is good enough. The good thing about homemade head backs is that you can make them a perfect fit ( concerning neck circumference and neck length) to the body you have chosen.
      The company made headbacks fit a huge range of different neck sizes.

      My reason for going hybrid was the size and proportions of the body. LTF bodies are short and childlike. To my mind, some faceplates would look nicer on taller and more adulty bodies, like Chloe, DES, Lishe, and so on. Thanks to google I came across Bluefairy junior whatever-taller-yosd-bodies and another company ...dollsbe?! can't remember that sells taller YoSD bodies as well. I also got a slim maturish YoSD body from DollZone second hand (from Samantha Release). To my mind, doing hybrids is important when you are able to grab a very pretty body for a good deal or have a certain vision for your doll in mind :) After all, LTF bodies (Fairyland bodies in general) are awesome and popular for a reason.

      If you have any further or more specific question: Ask!^^
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    3. Hi @Lythtis! Thanks so much for responding! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one wanting to hybrid these dolls. What is the neck like in littlefees? Does it just end in a normal S hook like other BJDs or with a plastic thing like in Minifees?
    4. Thank you so much! Really appreciate it. I decided to go for a dollzone body that I really like, so am waiting for that to arrive before I make the head back.
    5. Heres a couple of my LTF hybrids (far left and far right). Its kind of tricky but it can be done. I use the Fairyland headbacks and this is my process:
      Theres an extra connector piece thing that goes inbetween the neck and the head back. I take that thing out of there, and pull the string up through like normal. I also make a small notch in the resin so the hook will sit flat.
      LTF heads sit much lower on the neck when the connector piece is removed so you may need to put in a neck donut. I just use a little hot glue inside the neck because im lazy lol
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    6. @Cydril wow cute dollies!

      Thanks for the tips, I think I know the piece you're talking about. I'll see what I can do once the body I ordered comes home.
    7. [​IMG]

      i have a white skin juri 2013 and i put on soom body
    8. Do you have a link to where on the website you can buy just a littlefee body and headback? I can't seem to find it myself.
    9. unless they have changed, last time i bought from them they didnt offer to buy just a body with head back.. you had to buy a full doll or search market place for someone selling a body or headback.
    10. What bodies are you using for each of these?
    11. Angell Studio Starry body and Soom iMda 2.6 body :)
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    12. Thank youuu
    13. Has anyone put a Realfee head on a ltf body? I know they won't fit without modding, but I love rlf sculpts and think they might be a little more proportionate on the ltf body.
    14. Hi
      I see on the fairyland website the picture of a Littlefee head on a Realfee body. Not that bad i think !
      on the picture it seems that the head perfectly fit the RealFee body. Did they use a special connector ? the neck of littleFee are way bigger that the Realfee RealFee Head Change Pic ...
    15. I know this is an old thread but I am new to this as well and agree. The LTF bodies are a bit more childlike than what I want. I love the RF body proportions and would be happy with a longer torso for the LTF body.