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Littlefee/yoSD props & toys...What works?

Apr 4, 2012

    1. Hi everyone!

      I'm thinking of starting a list of props that are in-scale with Littlefee and yoSD-sized dolls.

      Please feel free to share your favorite brands of toys and props that are in-scale for this size doll! Thank you very much! Photos earn you cookies! ;)

      Here's my list so far, and a few of my photos, too.


      Mini LaLaLoopsy

      Bratz props - Pip With A Twist, my LTF elf Ante, has a Bratz guitar --

      What does everyone else collect?? Show off your yo-sized tinies with their props, please :D
    2. I'll add photo's later tonight but some of the Iwako erasers work great. My little girl has a pet hamster and my boy has a little helicopter with working blades. Best of all they are very affordable, mine were $0.75 each at Pat Catans and I'm hoping to get more when I get back home. Also, I would love to see pics of your kids with Lalaoopsy stuff, they are so cute. I kinda want to start collecting them as well as BJD's but I don't have room right now :)
    3. Yay! GREAT idea with the erasers! And they're cute, too. Some of those erasers can get pretty detailed, huh?! :)

      My wife is asleep right now, and my tiny plastic toys are in our bedroom....our dolls are in here with me....I'm in the office! :P

      I'll take a photo of Muggle {my LTF Bisou,} or Scout {my LTF Bonnie...} holding a tiny Lala soon, though.

      I was actually trying to get a photo of them last night, but it was sooo dark and my slow shutter wasn't working with me X"C

      Will try again once Litara is up :3 Yay, thanks so much for replying!
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    4. Oh my gosh! I've never heard of Kitchen Littles :D LOOOVE!! I'm a big collector of miniature kitchens and cafes....tiny food in general, actually...but I only have super tiny things. My Littlefess thank you a lot for sharing this!

      That GI Joe room is super detailed!! Holy cow, awesome!! I kind of want that room in me-size!
      And that Barbie set would be perfect for my kid, Scout! I didn't know that Barbie sets were the right size for yoSDs...I knew the clothes were, though.

      I'm super happy you were able to share this with me, thank you very much :D!!
    5. Ingy---I love the Bratz guitar.

      Snow072291---I have never heard of those erasers. I'll have to find some. We don't have a Pat Katans here.

      PRGerry---Wow, your accessories are awesome! I love all the rooms you have set up. So detailed!

      I love the Mini Lalaloopsies with my LittleFees. Here's a photo of Mindy playing with some.

    6. My dollie kids said Thank You for enjoying their living space! :)

      This is mostly the foods from Kitchen Littles, very nice stuff! The drinking glasses are too small tho.

      1 Ready to start looking by PRGerry, on Flickr

      GI Joe 12" clothes are a good fit for the most part, the pants are too long and the pullover shirts need to be opened in the back.

      my Eric and kiki chan78 boy by PRGerry, on Flickr

      The old Ken clothing is a hit and miss, the jackets fit, the pants are too long and if it's a jumpsuit type it will be long on the torso. On some shirts the shoulder/neck just doesn't fit well.

      14 Not 1 not 2 but 3 by PRGerry, on Flickr

      The orange and green shirts are from Ken, see how the orange is off on top? I guess a few stitches here and there would make a much better fit.
    7. Shannon's Little Critters has made two fabulous sets of furniture for my LTF twins rooms. I'm still in the process of setting up their rooms, putting up wallpaper on their shelves (each one has a bookcase shelf as their "room"). Until I get mine all put together you can see the photos of the amazing things she made on her Flickr. I'm thrilled with them!

      Noelle's room:

      Nicholas' room:
    8. I use Strombecker vintage furnishings in my dolls living room, Briarberry in the dining room and Shoestring babies in the bedroom.
      Toys-mini stuffies from Target-a car from Zonex(a pedal car), a Barbie Vespa scooter, a tricycle from Radio Flyer, a rocking horse from Germany, and tons of keychain toys from Basic Fun. Here's a link to some of the stuff they have:
      and here's one of my favorites:

    9. I love that chaise-I have it in my Bleuettes house.
    10. Lana---Those dolls rooms are AMAZING! So detailed and adorable!

      sweetiemom---I love Bleuette too! I always wanted one but never did get one. They are lovely and the history behind them is interesting. I just saw your amazing toy pile on the other thread. I'm blown away!
    11. I believe there used to be a thread like this that was more a generic "Yo sized" compilation, and they put it into the Wiki instead? You might want to check there for more information.

      Pretty much anything 1/6 will work with LTF and other 10" dolls, since I do a lot of fantasy outfits, I tend to like the 1/6 Narnia weapon sets. You can still find them on eBay and other venues online, they run around $20-25 per set. I originally got them for my Elf Pepe, but they work with all the 10" kids.

      Many of the Fisher-Price and Playskool ornaments being released by Hallmark in recent years work well for the 10" scale, as do the dollhouse series of ornaments:
      Vivicca's dollhouse by clochette62, on Flickr

      I also like the Playmobil Micro World sets, there are about six or seven different playsets in a good scale for Yo size. Unfortunately, they can be a bit spendy if you're in the US, as they weren't generally released here other than the Playmobil stores/park. They're still available on Amazon, eBay and through secondary market stores, but the prices vary a LOT.
    12. I love collecting goodies for my dolls-and my friends and my kids are always finding something special for them.
      My Bleuettes are the most spoiled of all my dolls-they have virtually everything you'd need in a real house-including the kitchen sink! They live in a bg old armoire in my bedroom, but the Little Fees visit when they need to use the stove or the toilet!


      The toilet is a bank, when you throw a coin in the bowl, the flush it, it makes a flushing sound and takes the coin. Another of my favorite props.
    13. clochette---I have one of the Hallmark house ornaments that is so cute! It's the perfect size!

      sweetiemom---LOL! I seriously laughed out loud at your adorable potty girl! Too cute!
    14. I collect a lot of fun props for the littlefee.

      Cards - bought these at a doll show.

      Horse - the My Generation foal from Target.

      Toothless - McDonald's toy.

      Cars - not sure, got them from a friend.

      Luggage - My Generation set from Target.
      Minnie Hat - Christmas ornament from Disney World
      Panda - ECPOT's China pavillion

      Bench - from a doll show

      A bunch of cute toys.

      Umbrella and raincoat - bought at a doll show.

      Bag - not sure where I bought it.
      Wand - friend made.
      Bracelets - ring-sized silly bandz from Walmart.

      Rapunzel - from Target.

      And I also have a bunch of Lalaloopsies

      These are all I've taken pictures of so far. I'll have to see about taking pictures of other stuff I've gotten as well.
    15. Sorry for the double post, but I forgot a few things:

      I have a couple of tea sets - this is just one.
      The table is a pillar candle holder I bought from Micheal's.

      Build-A-Bear tent - bought it at the store in the mall.
    16. Definitely seconding (thirding?) the Basic Fun keychains and Hallmark ornaments (or ornaments in general). As mentioned in the post above, Build-A-Bear has the odd thing that works. I have that tent. ;) I really need to take some more pictures of some of my stuff.

    17. The mini Sylvanian Families stuff is wonderfully in scale (and so cute) but very hard to find. I found the dollhouse (each room was a separate set, which had to be put together) on Ebay a while back:

      IMG_4090 by *Randomfish, on Flickr

      I second the recommendation for the furniture from Shannon's Lil Critters. It's wonderful!
      And all the tiny toys that are out right now, like Squinkies, and the mini Littlest Pet Shop toys, are a great size for Littlefee.

      Emily with a Squinkie:
      IMG_2248 by *Randomfish, on Flickr
    18. Randomfish---Your photos are so adorable! How wonderful that you were able to collect all the pieces for your Sylvanian Family set. I remember buying tons of those for my daughter, including the little cottages. I so wish she had saved them!

      I was also going to mention the LPS and Squinkies!