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LittleFees, Ciao Bella's, and other similar sized dolls wearing "Ty Girlz" clothing

Mar 29, 2010

    1. This thread is for disussion and pics of these dolls wearing "Ty Girlz" and "Ty Threadz" clothing.

      These clothes seem to fit well larger "tiny" BJD's like FairyLand LittleFees, Volks Yo-SD, and other similar sized dolls. Most of the pants, skirts, and jackets seem to fit well. But the fitted shirts sometimes do not, as they are a bit small in the waist. However, for photography purposes they are OK if you don't photograph the backside of your doll.

      When posting your tiny sized dolls wearing these clothes, please notate the fashion name/s and any mods you've done to the fashions to make them fit better (if any).

      Also, please feel free to post pics of the "non-fit"...i.e. the shirts and lack of fit in the back, to give a better reference to folks thinking about purchasing these as an inexpensive clothing option for their tinies.

      The shoes on these dolls aren't removable, therefore they are not shoes for use on your tinies.
      Also, most of the "jewelry" is sewn on and therefore not removable, but the loose "hoop" earrings and bracelets on these dolls do make wonderful bangle bracelets for the tinies with removable hands!!!

      For reference of the actually clothing available in this line click this link:
      "Ty Girlz" and "Ty Threads" dolls and fashion reference.
    2. Wearing Pretty Patti jacket, Sizzlin' Sue shirt (doesn't close at the waist in back), Lovely Lola leggings, and Cute Candy skirt. (Shoes from Deb's Adorable off eBay and socks are Fairyland default).

      Rockin' Ruby entire outfit (entire outfit fits well, except again shirt closure snug in back on the bottom, and pants are too long and I haven't hemmed them up yet).

      Classy Carla entire outfit (all fits well except I need shoes to match - LOL!!).
    3. [​IMG]
      Hanging Out, School Cool, Best Dressed, OoLaLa Olivia, Happy Hillary, Cool Preppy
      all are a good fit.

      Hip Hannah, Cool-n-Cozy, Preppy Paige
      All fit well.
    4. [​IMG]
      Beth wearing Lovely Lola. good fit.

      Bobby wearing Totally Troy outfit. Good fit.
    5. [​IMG]
      Beach Bash and Sweet dreams outfits-good fit, PJ top is badly finished at the neck.
    6. [​IMG]


      I cant remember the name of the set but these are the two TY-Girlz outfit I have :) I had to remove a bit of seam to enable the dress to be worn by my chubby little Leeke girls. Otherwise, it looks really pretty, especially the red dress
    7. Here are my LF girls in the Sweet Dreams outfit and the Hanging Out outfit. I'm not sure if you can tell from this pic, but I had to roll up the legs of the pink outfit as they were way too long, but the legs on the PJ outfit seemed to fit just fine.


      And here is my Bambicrony CB elf wearing the School Cool set.


      Overall I've found that everything is a good fit for both LF and CB. I haven't had to alter anything and have had no problems with outfits not closing in the back.
    8. Fairy Princess fashion - Fits well but little snug in waste which causes top to ride up...left waste slightly open in back to get a better fit. Long under skirt too long - will have to hem up so not shown with that yet.
    9. Oh man, I must find these outfits! I have a Littlefee Bisou on the way and I can't find most of these fashions in particular, at least not on ebay. I'm hoping soon when I can get out of the house again I can go on a hunt. Can anyone share where they have found their outfits?
    10. A lot of these outfits come on the dressed dolls..I've had good luck at my local WalGreens, Hallmark shop, as well as ebay.
    11. If you go to tygirlz.com I want to say it is (or just google Ty Girlz and it'll bring up their official website), they have a store locator on the website. I apparently have like 7 wal-greens in my general vicinity which all carry them, so I'm gonna head up there at some point and pick out some clothes. :)
    12. Oh, thank you, Shlee! Walgreens? That's great! There's one that just popped up near my house, perhaps I'll get lucky:D
    13. If your going to Walgreens call ahead.
      Mine was listed as carrying them......... but didn't.

    14. My local Walgreens had them at one point...when I wasn't even considering getting a LittleFee. Now they don't have them. I got mine on eBay. Do a search for "Ty Girlz" and you'll find several!! Don't forget to check eBay stores too.
    15. Cute Candy and Classy Carla-both a good fit.

    16. Having fun in purple....

      Fairy Princess fashion (long skirt only used as a dress) and Punky Penny jacket (Barbie Collectibles crown)

      Punky Penny shirt (removed the little rosette flower in front) and skirt, Rockin' Ruby faux black leather jacket (Boots from Deb's Adorable's on eBay).
    17. I´ve found a lot of these outfits at ebay!!
    18. Yeah i just went to a Walgreens and couldn't find them...I love some of the outfits but others Artemis wouldn't be caught dead in (She's either wearing frilly dresses or hiking clothes)
    19. The "Justice" chain stores for tween girls has (or had, a couple months ago) two exclusive outfits and one exclusive doll-to-strip. All three outfits worked nicely for my LittleFee, Bambicrony, and Oceanmoon Ryung. The tops fit my Soom Glot, but the skirt waists are mostly too narrow to go over her hoofies. Check out your local mall -- the store I visited also had some cute Japanese eraser "snacks" and a gumball machine keychain that were nicely sized for the 27cm dolls.
    20. Can you take pics of the outfits and post them please?