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Event [LittleMonica] new basic LH Rye|limited summer 2017 EVENT Tan skin re-release/Clreia head release

Jul 12, 2017

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello, This is LittleMonica! :D

      We will soon be released Little Harmony Line Boy, the Rye at July 14th 2017.

      Detailed information will be revealed along with the release,
      so please look forward!

      Thank you.


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    2. So handsome! Will it be possible to order just the head please?
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    3. Hello, it’s Little Monica ^^

      Tan skin released in 2016 by Little Monica will come again.

      The sale of this skin is only available in the summer event period in 2017.
      This will be started from 16:00, 14 July through options in Basic doll body .

      Sale period:
      16:00(KST) 14 July, 2017(Friday) ~ 18:00(KST) 3 August(Thursday

      Please kindly note that this limited skin option would not be available after of this event period.

      ● Information for Tan skin (Click)

      We look forward your interesting for this Tan skin option.

      Thanks a lot.

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    4. [​IMG]

      Hello, This is Little Monica. :D

      We are pleased to announce of specially prepared event to provide
      'Clreia head' at free of charge with the release of Tan Skin.

      This EVENT head will be given to customer who purchases certain amount of product during this event period. This will not be no longer sold as the limited and the basic, but just for this season only special one.

      Criteria to give this head:
      Purchasing more than $500.00

      Event period:
      00:00 14 July, 2017(Friday) ~ 18:00 3 August 2017(Thursday)

      Please kindly note that this event is only available on this event period.
      The detailed image will be announced on 14 July, starting date of this event.

      We look forward your interesting and love for Tan skin which is done at the same time, too.

      Thank you.


    5. Will this option be available through your official dealers?
    6. Will you be able to order doll parts in the tan during the period?
    7. Yes. Rye will be released as both Basic doll and head parts.:lol:
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    8. Yes, this may be purchased through our official dealers.

      In this event period, all of Basic doll could be purchased with Tan Skin.
    9. Are you offering the same two types of tan resins as last time? The tan resin and brown resin as shown throughout your website or will it just be one tan color?
    10. Unfortunately 2017 special skin event is only proceeded to Tan. :(
      We are sorry not to do for brown skin, We look forward loving to Tan skin.

    11. [​IMG]

      [NEW] Basic Little Harmony Boy, 'Rye' Released & 10% DC Event for full doll !

      Hello, it's Little Monica !
      We have just released 'Rye' of Little Harmony Line today.

      so, we are doing 10% discount sale event during 2weeks!

      Period : 14th(Fri) July 2017 ~ 28th(Fri) July 2017 16:00 (KST)
      DC Price : $270.00 -> $243.00 (10% DC!)

      Rye will be on sale as Basic Line, so please give your love to him.

      Thank you!


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    12. [Notice for the present of Cleria head]

      If there is no special request from customer who will get Cleria head as the present,
      Cleria head will be manufactured as the same color of ordered Basic doll's skin color exceplt Tan skin.

      Thank you.​