New Doll [LittleMonica] Release of special Innocent Chloe & Vampire Chloe

Oct 17, 2017

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      trick or treat~! :dance

      Hello, this is Little Monica.

      on 18th October 2017 18:00 (KST), Chloe will be coming what makes your blood cold.

      Welcome to Halloween, If you order a 'Innocent Chloe or Vampire Chloe' Head+Body,
      we give you '1 pair of Devil wings Parts'

      Please look forward to the Creepy Halloween with Little Monica!

      Thank you.
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      Hello, this is Little Monica !

      Fully loved Innocent Chloe and Secret Chloe are now released again
      as 2017 Innocent Chloe and Vampire Chloe for Halloween special.

      Reborn Chloe having lovely appearance for Halloween is now sold as the limited product

      in 16 days long from 18:00(KST) 18 October to 16:00(KST) 3 November.

      Default wig ‘Merry Curl(L) Chaos Pink’, outfit and shoes are proceeded as pre-order at the same time.

      Limited sales period: 18:00(KST) 18 October 2017 ~ 16:00(KST) 3 November 2017

      Vampire Chloe could be purchased at the product page of Innocent Chloe selectively.
      Additionally if you purchase body of Innocent or Vampire Chloe, ‘Devil wing parts’ which has been pictured together

      will be freely given.
      We are looking for your love and interesting for these limited products.

      Thank you.

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