New Doll [Littlemonica] Special Harmony ‘Innocent Giselle’, special head ‘Vampire Giselle will be released!

Oct 11, 2018

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello, this is Little Monica! :D

      To celebrate Halloween,

      Special Harmony ‘Innocent Giselle’ and special head ‘Vampire Giselle’ will be unleashed on 16;00(KST) 16 October, 2018.

      We prepare fearsome mood of Halloween by using concept and outfit revealing Korean beauty.

      This special outfit will be made in pre-order basis in compatible to both Grace Harmony Girl and Harmony Girl size.

      We look forward your interesting and love for these wonderful products.

      Detailed information will be provided at the released day!

      Thank a lot. :)
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    2. I just want to point out that you probably meant October 17. ^.^ May I ask which skin color is in the promotional teaser above?
    3. Could i know if she is limited in quantity or time period since its a special head?
    4. Thanks so much for your information about wrong contents.
      When it was written, another posting was pasted mistakenly. :...(
      Now our notice is corrected. Skin on teaser photo is normal skin.
    5. Giselle head which is prepared as Halloween special will be sold until 5 November as limited product. :)
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      [New] Release of Special Harmony ‘Innocent Giselle’, special head ‘Vampire Giselle’
      with 10% discount event for full doll

      Hello, this is Little Monica. :)

      ‘Innocent Giselle’, Innocent version of existing ‘Giselle’ and special head ‘Vampire Giselle’ are released today
      as the limited product for Halloween.

      Little Monica interprets this as new feeling for Halloween with motive from both Korean grim reaper and vampire,

      ‘Innocent Giselle’ and ‘Vampire Giselle’ for Halloween are only sold from
      16:00(KST) 16 Oct. 2018 to 16:00(KST) 5 November, 2018.

      ‘中天’ released as special outfit is also sold as pre-order basis.
      This is compatible to both Grace Harmony and Harmony size.

      Selling period: 16:00(KST) 16 Oct. 2018 ~ 16:00(KST) 5 November, 2018

      Since ‘Innocent Giselle’ and ‘Vampire Giselle’ are sold as special part, head part only is also sold, too.

      To celebrate this release, we are pleased to provide 10% discount event for full doll.

      We look forward your interest and love for these lovely products.

      Thanks a lot.
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    7. Will it be possible to buy the wig that Vampire Giselle is wearing? It's so gorgeous! :aheartbea
    8. The wig what Vampire Giselle wears is Luna(L) - Dark Wine. But its color is not sold now.

      This is expected to be sold with other colors. Please note that the similiar color is Natural black.
      Thanks so much for your interesting. :D