ReRelease [ LittleRebel ] April - Aleksander & Jelle

Apr 8, 2016

    1. Ahhh Jelle is so pretty!! Is she offered in brown?
    2. No, I'm sorry. The preorder for brown skin dolls was in March and it is closed already.
      Maybe I could have a few Jelle heads in brown skin in late May or June if I have extra stock.
    3. Is there a place where I can see official pictures of resin matches and proportions? ^^ I'd love to have Aleksander in White or Normal Skin!
    4. In the shop there are pictures of Aleksander with some different bodies as a sample to see the proportions Aleksander | LittleRebel dolls

      I can't guarantee the color match with other companies' dolls because most companies (including my factory) change their colors slightly in each batch. Also I haven't got many dolls from different companies to compare the resins, and the ones I have might have some degree of yellowing.
      I'm going to to take photos of all the resin colors I have at home and update it in the shop as soon as possible ^_^
    5. Thank you very much for the information! I'll also do some owner research here and I can't wait to order the doll 8D