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Liv Doll Wigs and Clothes for tinies

Nov 4, 2010

    1. I have yet to buy my first doll, Ive been around dolls before.

      my little sister has a "Liv Doll" from like Kmart or something and they have removable "wigs" do these wigs (with slight modification) fit any of the BJD sizes?

      I dont have a doll to test this out on but it would be most appreciated if anyone knows or has pictures of this.

      It has a special connector inside but it looks like if that was cut off it might fit an MSD, their heads are rather large.


    2. The Liv wigs are way too small for MSD.

      The wigs (once the little plastic nubs are cut off) are about a size 5. I know they fit a couple of the CherishDoll dolls as well as a couple other dolls but I'm not 100% sure which ones.
    3. Oh! So maybe like a yo sd? Thats good to know! My sister has been running around the house singing she has a BJD >_< silly girl!
    4. I have a LIV style wig, and it does not fit my MSD at all. Although I do put a hat ontop of the wig and my doll's head, I have a picture to show you what it looks like:
      It gives the appearance that it fits, but its really just the hat.
    5. hi the wigs fit lati yellows nicely
    6. ok cool thanks everyone! I was simply wondering, so this was major help! Thanks a bunch! i love a couple of the Liv wigs but alas the dolls im looking into are much bigger then msd for the moment.
    7. Liv wigs fit the Bobobie and Resinsoul 27cm line perfectly! A LOT of the Liv clothes fit those dolls, too. And the Liv eyes are pretty good quality acrylics that are about 8mm, and so fit in LITTLE tinies, or Yo-SD dolls with small eyes, too.
    8. So their eyes CAN be removed? It looked like they might be able to but I wasnt about to try it on my sisters doll >_<
    9. *laughs* Yeah...but it's hard to do because you have to cut the head open, then carefully fut through the skin of vinyl that holds them in place. Though...to be able to CHANGE eyes in a Liv doll, I'm sure that one could modify the section they cut out of the head to cut it open to be re-close-able. I was going to try with mine...but my boys decided she belonged to them and the puppy...and as that kept them from trying to play with my resin kids, I let them have her. I might buy a few more, though, for the wigs, clothes, and eyes, and toy with them, and getting their 'headcaps' to stay in once cut out without having to glue them in place.
    10. Let me know how that works out, i'm very curious to see! I'm sure I'm not the only other person who has seen the potential in the Liv dolls. Thanks for sharing!
    11. Thanks I'll do that!
    12. Moved this to the Tiny Section.
    13. Oh ok thank you! >_< sorry I'm still a bit lost on forums!
    14. They also fit Pukifees from what I've seen . I'm thinking of getting one maybe to try out rerooting the wig.
    15. Good luck! Be sure to let us see pictures ^^
    16. Oh! I use These wigs on my BBB March, Madison, all the time,

      I'll post a few, Madison has 9 of em.


      and here's Maddi with HIghlandprincess47's RS Bei, Katrina, both wearing liv Wigs


      If you've any questions about Liv on BBB/RS 27cm tinies, feel free to PM me ^_^
    17. Sounds like I wont be investing in these wigs for my dolls, im not a tinies fan >_< my boy is 70 cm so....alas they will not fit >_<
    18. I haven't tried the wigs yet, but the clothes aren't a bad fit for certain dolls either - this is one of their sets on my Secretdoll Binu (at 31cm she's a bit of an odd size):
      The dress and scarf are nearly the perfect size, but the jeans are too small in the bum/hips so they don't quite make it all the way up. The dress hides that part though, so I can't complain too much.
    19. Aze02 - those curly wigs are cute!
      Seems these will fit Chicline dolls, so I'll keep an eye out for them...