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Liv Dolls At Target.

Aug 3, 2009

    1. Hi All; I'm a newbie. I was at target today and I saw these new dolls by Mattel (I believe). They are called Liv dolls they have interchangeable wigs,glass eyes, ect.they seem just like bjds! But they have a really cool room you can buy to use as a room as well as a closet. Has anyone seen these or used the room for their msds, tinies? Thanks bunches!
      *sorry if off-topic*(not sure)
    2. Welcome to DoA!

      Since the Liv Girls line was only released by Spin Master (which is the company that produced them, not Mattel) on July 31, I'm guessing no one has had a chance to check out the accessories yet and see if they're in-scale to MSD-sized dolls. However, based on their proportions, I suspect that the accessories (like the closet) will be too small for 1/4-scale dolls. They might work for some Tinies, though.
    3. They are by Spin Master, not Mattel. I have only seen the commercials but they seem quite a bit smaller than MSD's so I don't think anything for them would work well, but I can't seem to find any information on their size so I can't say for sure. I would like to know their head and eye size - could be a good source for cheep wigs and small eyes.
    4. Wellcome to DoA!
      Those sound interesting, I'll have to Google them~!
    5. Hi--welcome--the dolls are interesting, but I am sure they will be off topic for this forum.
    6. Judging from their size on Target.com, 11"... that would make them about the same size as other "mature tinies" or "1/6th" sized dolls. Soom's Mini Gem line is the same size, so I think the accessories would better fit them than MSD-sized dolls.
    7. I don't think there's any question that they'll be off-topic - but if their wigs and eyes are sized right then they'll be an awesome easy source for tinies - and the clothes will surely fit somebody, too! I can't wait to hear who they'll fit.
    8. I bought one for my daughter. They are barbie sized. They do not have glass eyes and their eyes are not removable unless you cut the top of her head off. The head is sealed. The wig comes off but the wigs are not regular wigs they have a hard plastic cap like a barbie head with a small pole sticking out. The pole goes into the head and holds the wig on. Their heads are painted underneath so they look like they have short hair without a wig. They are not strung at all. They are not MSD size and they are definitely off topic. That said my 5 year old loves hers. Especially since she isn't allowed to touch my dolls. I hope that helps everyone.

      Edit: The clothes will fit Pullips and Barbie. The only tiny I have is a Rosenlied and she is way too big to fit this size.
    9. Hi and welcome to DoA! :D Oooh that's interesting, I haven't heard of them yet...but it seems a lot of people here have.
    10. Thanks so much for the response! They sound disappointing, but the accessories have potential. The room seemed childish but with new wallpaper and knickknacks I thought they would work well with msd/tinies. Thanks for informing me of the posts in the wig! I thought it could've been a cheap wig for msd/tinies. Thanks again and sorry if off-topic.
    11. Wow! Those wigs are very cute, Lindsey Kay! And you can't beat that price! Thanks for letting us see them. I know where I'll be heading next time I go to Target!
    12. Lindsey Kay
      Did you just cut the post off the wig cap?
    13. I don't have a tiny to wear them yet (they sound too big for Puki Puki), but I'll probably pick some up next time I go to Target anyway! That's an unbeatable price for really cute wigs. Thanks for the info and pictures!
    14. Yes, they can be cut off with a strong pair of scissors.