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Liv dolls wigs/accessories fit Tiny dolls?

Jan 6, 2011

    1. My cousin and I saw these new dolls called Liv and we thought they looked very much like a transitioning from Barbie to BJD. They look creepy, they have the same features as BJDs but nowhere near as beautiful.

      My cousin swore the eyes looked interchangable, and I saw wigs for Liv dolls. Has anyone seen these doll accessories and have you tried these wigs on your MSD yet? The clothes are pretty much Barbie sized, maybe even smaller, so I'm not sure they'd fit even Unoa. But the wigs look like they would fit MSDs...

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      This is a discussion to see What Tiny dolls "Liv Doll" Wigs and Accessories fit. Liv dolls are Off-topic for DoA.
    2. I think the Liv wigs are too small for most MSDs. I've got a friend who has a tiny with a 5/6 head and she has used a couple of them. So they're probably about a small size 6.
    3. I'm pretty sure they are off topic so don't be too surprised if this gets locked
    4. I don't think the topic is really about the dolls, more about whether or not we can make use of their accessories. :D

      I saw ONE wig at the store the other day and I was wondering exactly the same thing. It looked like a 5-6ish wig size to me, but I can't tell through the packaging if they're a normal wig cap or not? It almost looked like it was hair rooted to a plastic plate. I'd love to pry a box open to see for sure.
      They didn't have any of the clothes in stock at all, but they are pretty Barbie sized. Once my tiny gets here, I'll see if I can find some clothes at another store, because they seem like they should fit some of the 27cm tinies.
    5. I saw their wigs in a shop recently and they looked size 6-7, like they would have fit my old N Doll Miso, they didnt look bad quality wise and for the price but I have no idea what the cap is like. I would be interested to see what accessories of theirs are useful for BJDs.
    6. Kind of OT, but it is in the sake of sizing... Their clothes fit slim Yo-SD sized dolls, such as Planet doll Mini's and Bobobie/Resinsoul 27cm tinys. The wigs fits well on My BBB March with a size 5.5 head, although it is tight. The Wigs fit Lan from Bobobie, who has a smaller head than most MSD, and Puki-Fee. I do believe that they would be a bit too small for a Unoa... but they *may* work if you snipped the base of the plastic wig cap slightly.

      From what I've read I suspect that the tops would fit the RS Single jointed body, although as a crop-top, but they are much, MUCH too small for my Leeke who is kind of considered a slim MSD

      I'd like too see who else fits these clothes/wigs too

    7. The wigs fit pukifees really well, because that's what I had when I had my pukifee. The wigs are on a rubbery-like plastic dome. The clothes are essentially barbie sized, so anything that barbie clothes generally fit, they can be used as well. The eyes are not interchangeable because they don't have a way to get inside the head (like a headcap), but if you do cut the heads open (like my friend did lol) the eyes can be made of use and taken out.
    8. I dont think of this as off topic. In fact, I applaud the initiative and resourcefulness of hanahime and all those others in the post that have found alternative ways to add character to their dolls using otherwise mass marketed resources that everyone on a budget (to include myself) is always looking for.

    9. I agree I have a Liv wig and l like it. I'm just wating for my Littlefee to see if it will fit or not. If you do some reseach you can find dolls wear the wigs ect.
    10. The wigs, once their little plastic post is removed (it's inside the wig, to help keep the wig on the Liv doll head) is removed fit dolls that take a 5/6 wig size. The hair is 'loop locked' into a thicker, plastic/rubbery dome cap, so there is NO stretch at all to them. The eye are about a size 8mm, and pretty good quality acrylic. Worth digging out if all you intend to do is toss the doll once you take everything you can from it. The clothes fit BBB and RS 27cm dolls, though pants can require the removal of feet to get on, and tight sleeves require removal of hands.
    11. Oh, that's good! Hahaha, that would solve the problem of punky-colored wigs for Pukifee owners. Well, that's all I saw at the toy store, at least. Purple, blue and hot pink with black.

      They eyes looked pretty small though. Like tiny-sized, probably.

      Hahaha! Oh man, that sounds so harsh-- "Take everything she can give and then...toss her." XD
    12. I know! I bought one for her outfit and wig...then decided I liked her eyes, too...so I cut her open and took them out...then put in a set of a different color I had...and REALLY liked the look. So I was actually going to keep her...but my boys wanted a dolly like mommy's to play with (They were 3 and 8 months at the time) so I gave them the Liv doll...poor thing is still kicking around the house somewhere...but she's in non-salvageable shape as one likes to chew on toys, the other is teething, and at least twice they tried to feed her to the puppy. Better her than my resins. But if/when I buy more for the clothes and things, I'm sure I'll wind up changing them up with different eyes, changing their face paint some, sewing some clothes for them, and adding them to my display only dolls, because with small changes they really CAN be rather cute. But I know there are people who buy them just to canibalize them for their resins, with no intention of keeping the Liv doll, and in those cases, it's a waste to throw out those eyes. Even for people who don't USE acrylic eyes, or don't have use for eyes that small, the can be great to have around for gifts or a little something extra in swaps, or to trade or sell, or as a 'freebie' thrown in when selling other items.
    13. Just ensure the "boys" and the puppy understand the difference as well as the importance of the resins. As a fellow canine owner, I shudder to think of the result of any of our resin family getting chewed up!

    14. LOL I actually bought 2 liv dolls for the sole reason of gutting the poor things for everything but the shoes, the wigs fit my 2 BBB Bei and Bao, and the eyes fit my Bao and my BBB tiny Chocolate perfectly, the clothes fit my Bei perfectly. you should have seen the look on the cashiers face when she asked if I was buying the doll for my kid. I must have givin her a strange look when I said nope it's for me, the wig, and clothes look perfect for my Yumiko (I pull out my girl from my bag) then I tell her that I was kinda sad that they didn't have the Exacto blade I needed to gut out the things eyes ... The blue eyes look amazing on Izuru now that I did finally rip off the Liv dolls head cap. BTW that head cap is a real pain in the butt to cut apart, be ready for a lot of cursing at the evil barbie wanna be thing. I do have to admit though, the Liv doll wigs are great, they also fit my Dollzone Leo, and my Dragon girl too! and they have so many to chose from, so more less for $15 I got 2 wig's one outfit and a pair of eyes! not to bad!
    15. I went out today and purchased a Liv doll and a solo Liv wig. I got them just for my upcoming Pukifee...and I'm hoping that they will look okay on her and fit! One is dark brown with light brown highlights, and the other is purple/black with blue chunky highlights. I actually ended up giving the Liv doll a new mohair wig and clothes, a name, and she looks LOADS better now. :)
    16. My boys know the difference between the 'OK for them dolly' and 'mommy's dollies'. They don't touch mine without permission, and none of MY dolly stuff ever goes in the mouth when I DO let them 'help' me with the resins...the dog...well, like any other puppy, he's slowly learning not to chew on everything. But he's also never once touched my resins...even the last 3 months that they've been sitting in a box next to my computer (we're moving at SOME point in the next 2 months, so I've just left them packed up, safer and easier that way when the time to move them to the new house comes, I can pull out any of them that I want when I have time for them) He was still in MAJOR teething puppy mode when my son gave the poor Liv doll to him, and prone to chew on ANYTHING he could get into his mouth at the time. My dad's keeping him as a companion and guard dog when we move though (we live with him right now) so while I'm glad I taught him NOT to chew things, I won't have to worry about dolls on lower shelves anymore once we move.

      Back to the Liv stuff...I have HEARD that the shoes/boots can fit smaller tinies, but I've not tried it myself yet to be sure.
    17. Hahaha! Oh poor uninitiated cashier, you've now been dolly baptized XD

      What makes the wig hard to cut? The shape itself or the material?
    18. I bought two Liv wigs in anticipation of my RS/BBB Bei arriving, and I have to say, I am really pleased with them. The hair has a nice texture to it, and it doesn't seem to frizz or tangle easily. My cat got ahold of one and it still looked nice after I got it back.
      They might be a teeny bit bulky on smaller dolls because of the thickness of the rubber/plastic cap, but they should look quite nice on my Bei.
      I noticed that Target seems to have a better selection of wigs, but the Walmart by here has a few of them on clearance for $2, so if you need a cheap 5-6 wig they're a great way to go.
    19. I agree with animesa! I am constantly looking to see "What fits" with my MSD from non-BJD products.
      I own an Angel of Dream (AOD) Female 1/4 Meng Ya Qi (Opened Eyed Head) and a few LIV wigs and can tell you without a doubt the wigs are way too small for an AOD head regardless of the peg inside. An AOD's wig size is about 7-8.
    20. Here are two of my Lati Yellows and one Pukifee modelling Liv wigs:

      The wigs fit just fine - not too bulky - and the plastic caps keep them steady on the scalp. I ended up buying three of the wig at left because I had three dolls that needed it (although I styled it differently from tiny to tiny.)

      The little playset accessories (cups, saucers, skateboard...) are about the right scale for tinies, too!