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lizjayliz - feedback thread

Jan 15, 2008

    1. Please leave feedback ~ hopefully all good!:)
    2. I did a split with lizjayliz, I did the ordering and shipped the head out to her while I kept the body... she was lovely to deal with, responded to PMs quickly and paid up her part promptly. Thanks! :)
    3. Me & Liz did a recent BJD ~*Trade*~ and it went so smooth and well. She is awesome to chat with as well. Would recommend her highly! :)
    4. lizjayliz is a joy to deal with! She's simply wonderful! I highly recommend dealing with her. Thank you so much! :aheartbea
    5. lizjayliz bought a Volks Luna head for me. She blew me away by paying her off ASAP and maintaining excellent communication. All in all it was a pleasure and I'd definitely sell to her again <3.
    6. lizjayliz is a great buyer!!! She payed me super quickly and is so nice to talk to!! I hope to sell to her again in the future!:aheartbea
    7. I purchased a Luna head from Lizlayliz. She was prompt about each step of the transaction and her description was exactly as the doll was.
    8. lizjayliz purchased an SD Luna BtSSB Princess Scepter from me. She was so courteous to deal with, paid promptly and let me know when she had received the item.
      I would gladly deal with her again!
      Thank you :cake:
    9. lizjayliz bought a pair of eyes from me. Paid right away! Thanks so much. :aheartbea
    10. I bought a Pipos Baha (on ebay but found the link from here) from lizjayliz. She is a wonderful seller. Baha was exactly as described, Liz kept in constant contact with me, the doll was wrapped in sooooo much bubblewrap and she shipped Baha really quickly! Thank you, Liz!
    11. I bought a Volks YoSD from Liz (via ebay). Great seller! Item as described, and arrived wonderfully packaged with bubble-wrap to spare! Thank you!
    12. Hi All,
      Lizlayliz just bought a minimee head from me and paid lightening fast! She is an excellent buyer. I would gladly do business with her again and I highly recommend her. We exchanged wonderful communication throughout the deal and I wish her the best of luck with her face-up!:clover
      Thank you again...
    13. :) :) :)

      Hello.... Lizlayliz is just wonderful and everything was perfect! She ordered a minimee body from me. She made the payment in a timely manner and very friendly to communicate with. Thank for everything! <3 <3 Please enjoy !
    14. I bought a Bambicrony body from jaylizjay~ she was fast in shipping and the body packed well :D thanks much!!
    15. I bought a Bambicrony body from jaylizjay~ she was fast in shipping and the body packed well :D thanks much!!
    16. I bought a Bambicrony Lullabye Lotti head from Liz. She was a joy to work with and my sweet little elf arrived quickly and safely, with those big delicate ears intact. Kudos to Liz for a great transaction! :daisy
    17. I bopught Lizjayliz's Elena head - and it was a great tranmsaciton. Head arrived well packaged and in excellent time!

      Fabulous. I hope to deal with you again someday!

    18. Sold lizjayliz some doll parts and she was amazingly understanding and super patient! She paid promptly and kept wonderful communication, and was just a total doll to deal with. Thanks again so much! :daisy
    19. lizjayliz sold me a wonderful head at a wonderful price and shipped twice as fast as I thought she would...Great with communication and is super sweet ^_^ I highly recomend lizjayliz as a seller ^_^
      *hugs for the wonderful transaction*
    20. lizjayliz bought a wig and a pair eyes from me. perfect transaction, wonderful to deal with to:)