Update [LLT BJD] Facebook and Twitter Opened!

May 2, 2016

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      Hello everyone!
      This is Julia Cross, I am the sculptor form La Légende de Temps ( LLT BJD ).
      We are very happy to tell you that we have just created a new Facebook fanpage and Twitter page.
      We will update our BJD sculpt pictures, ideas or any our BJD news on these two social media.

      And one more special news, Our new doll LUDWIG will be released very soon.
      Please follow our social media if you have interest in our creation <3

      Thank you!

      Our website page:
      Facebook - La Légende de Temps BJD
      Twitter - LLT BJD (@LLTBJD) | Twitter
      La Légende de Temps
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    2. Do you have more pictures of the body?
      Like kneeling, elbows bent?
      an overall view of what this new body can do?

      EDIT: On your website, on which body is your Lazuli? It doesn't look like yours.
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    3. If you want to see more Ludwig's body, I suggest you can follow our Facebook page or Twitter.
      I will upload them soon.

      But which picture do you mean for Lazuli? If you mean the picture is with Ludwig,
      that was Volks' Gou body.
      Thank you for your question!
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    4. Thanks Julia! :3nodding:
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