Event [ LLT ] Facebook Likes Giveaway Event

Feb 7, 2017

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      Hello everyone!
      Our Facebook fanpage is reached 1000 Likes!
      This month, we are going to hold a giveaway event to celebrate!
      When we reached the target, a special prize will be giveaway.

      Reached 1100 likes = 1 pair of eyes
      Reached 1300 likes = 2 pair of eyes
      Reached 1600 likes = 3 pair of eyes
      Reached 1888 likes = 1 normal skin Red Dove head!
      The total Likes will sum up on 7th March , 2017.

      We will choose one of our fan randomly to have the above gift on 8th March, 2017.
      Here is our Facebook Fanpage, please leave us a Like if you want to know our latest news <3
      La Légende de Temps BJD | Facebook

      Our website : http://lltdoll.com/

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