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Update LLT - SNAS body + Ludwig head picture update!!!

May 12, 2012

    1. [​IMG]
      Finally we get the picture of Ludwig's upper body :-0
      For flexibility of body, the upper body will be splitted into two parts from the chest.
      (Not as whole which shown in the picture)
      CNA BODY Current Mesurement: (all in cm)
      Height :70 to 72 cm
      neck: 12.5 cm
      Shoulder: 18 cm
      Chest: 35 cm
      waist: 25 cm
      we will update more information when we get more news
    2. This thread is being closed because this body is not finished. As per Den of Angels criteria for inclusion, dolls cannot be evaluated for on/off topic status until they have been completed and cast in resin. While it does look at this point as if this body will possibly be on-topic, until it is completed that determination cannot be made. A new thread can be started once it has been finished and resin-cast pictures are available.