ReRelease LLTDOLL Edria new skintone release

Feb 21, 2018

    1. Happy Chinese Spring Festival!
      Edira available in new Skin color: Real skin!
      please check our website to get more info.
      Edria real skin doll head with Dollstown - Copper oriental 18yr girl body

      Edria real skin doll head with Dollshe - Copper oriental 26 F (The pictures are from customer with her permission)
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    2. She's so beautiful!! How can I buy this head, I didn't find the page? Do you offer only light tan or do you have other skin colours? The light tan matches Dollshe copper oriental?
    3. Am I reading right, that it's $999 just for the head?
    4. I found the website with the correct prices STORE
    5. Is she not available yet? I can't seem to find her in Light Tan on either link.
    6. When you see the $999 price on doll sites, it signifies the doll is not yet released or in some cases sold out.
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    7. Our website:
      Please check our website to get details

      It seems you check our old version website which it not for purchase anymore.
      In the old website $999 means this head not available now.

      please check our website for the current stock

      please check this website for purchase
      Edria available in Normal/ White/Real skin

      We are sorry we put the wrong skin color name on this thread:-p

      Actually Edria is available in normal skin/white skin/real skin(quantity limited,and yes, it marches DS copper oriental skin.
      For more details please check our website
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    8. I can not find Edria on your site. :(
    9. Hey :)
      You must click on Store and than on the arrow on the right side^^ Than "Edria opened eyes". There you find the pretty Head ;)