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New Doll LLTDOLL Isdore/Roderich(OE)/Lazuli/Neil release with Bsllerino body

Aug 27, 2019

    1. Dear DoAers:
      It's our great pleasure to introduce our new doll and new body to you!


      1. Roderich open eyes ver. with Ballerino body is quantity limited

      - Normal skin quantity limited:20

      - White skin quantity limited:20

      We promise Roderich Open eyes ver. in Normal skin & White skin will not released int the future. It will be last chance to get Roderich Open eyes ver. in NS/White skin.

      2. Roderich with Ballerino body is quantity limited

      3. Isidore with Ballerino body is quantity limited

      4.Neil with Ballerino body is quantity limited

      5. Lazuli with Ballerino body is quantity limited

      ---- Ballerino body info. ----

      Height: 75cm (including ballet feet)

      70cm (with normal feet)

      Skin tone: Normal/White/Light tan (healthy skin tone)/ Tan

      Eye size: 14mm small Iris eyes

      Head Circumference: 21cm

      Neck circumference: 12.5

      Bust circumference: 31.5cm

      Shoulder: 17cm

      Arm length: 22cm

      Upper arm circumference: 10cm

      Lower arm circumference: 9cm

      Wrist circumference: 6cm

      Waist circumference: 22.5cm

      Hip Circumference: 31cm

      Thigh circumference: 18cm

      Calf circumference: 13cm

      Feet width: 3.3cm

      Feet length: 9cm

      Shoe tree: 8.5x3cm

      Sale Start from now to 31th Oct 2019.

      ---- Optimal part -----

      We provide special feet part for choose,

      Demi-pointe ballet feet (normal skin/white skin/Light tan/tan skin)

      Pointe ballet feet (normal skin/white skin/Light tan/tan skin)

      Shoe tree: Special made for normal size shoes, size 8.5x3cm, which have no toes detail but easy for wearing merchant shoes.


      More photo please visit our and ins:juliacross666
      Our website will put dolls online within 2 days.
      #1 LLTDOLL, Aug 27, 2019
      Last edited: Aug 28, 2019
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    2. Hello! I have a few questions for you. ♥︎
      • Are all heads and bodies limited to only 20, like open-eyes Roderich?
      • What is the limit for the other faces and bodies?
      • Is it just the ballerino body that is limited?
      • Is there a resin colour limit?
      Thank you!
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    3. Will the leotards be available as well?
    4. We are sorry the website is not ready yet.
      New doll will put on line within 1-2 days
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    5. I have a question : does this preorder means that after that, we can't be able to order a Roderich head in the future ?
    6. Will you sell only legs?
      Demi-pointe ballet feet (normal skin/white skin/Light tan/tan skin)
      Pointe ballet feet (normal skin/white skin/Light tan/tan skin)
    7. I have a question: will the preorder be full doll only, or will there be preorders open for heads only as well?
    8. @jade-eyed-cat
      From Instagram questions and responses, it appears to be full dolls only.
    9. Ah, I don't use IG, so thanks for the response.
    10. Will layaway be possible?
    11. Someone on FB had asked and they are allowing layaway up to 3 months.

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    12. @Ashemanu Yeah, I'll be trying to use it. XD

      Just noticed this question. The only doll that is not going to be available again is the OE Roderich. Regular Roderich ain't going no where. Though the way they phrase it could (though unlikely) be available in other skintones, just not NS/WS.

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    13. Even if I make a fool out of me now ... I didn´t follow LTT for a long time, so which head mold is the guy in the first single doll picture? (the one with the black torn sweater)
    14. @GreenTeaSlug Thanks for the links and the name! Huh, 2 months. That´s tight. Guess he won´t be cheap.
    15. They said on Facebook price for a full OE Roderich would be 1050 USD. Don't know if full means incl. all feet part.

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    16. Will Lazuli be offered in Tan for this body? Or just kept to white and normal?
    17. Could I take extra feet?

      Sale Start from now to 31th Oct 2019????

      Are they on sale already????
      #19 Dolly Wardrobe, Aug 29, 2019
      Last edited by a moderator: Sep 1, 2019
    18. No, there's a post on Instagram that there is a problem updating the website.