Limited Items LLTDOLL - LAZULI head in Real Skin Release

Sep 7, 2016

    1. Dear doll fan:
      we have new skin choice for LAZULI - Real Skin.
      but this skintone is limited, only 8 heads available.

      This is the last time we release the original version Lazuli (Normal Skin/White/Real skin).
      It's impossible to re-release Lazuli head (current model) since the original model will be changed.
      For more details, please visit our webstite:


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    2. [​IMG]

      Hello everyone!

      Lazuli's Normal and White skin heads are also now on sale!
      The quantity are limited, and also this is the last batch of original version Lazuli. So don't miss out! <3

    3. Dear friends, please, say order period!
    4. He does not have ordering period. However, the quantity are limited. :-)