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Lmtd Ed. Bobobie Little Demons

Nov 14, 2007

    1. Hi!

      I haven't seen these little guys on the board, so I thought I'd give everyone as "heads-up". (If there is already a thread, please let me know.)

      BJDollarama.com http://www.bjdollarama.com/ has these Limited Edition Bobobie Demons with two horns on their head instead of the one. The girl comes in pink resin and the little boy demon, Devlin, is blue resin. They are so adorable!

      Here is my little boy demon, Asmodeus.

    2. I like them better with two horns. :D Any idea how long they will be selling them? I just got a Chubby demon, so I don't have the cash for another demon right now. :...(
    3. Hi Weaselthorpe! I like them better with two horns, too! Im so glad BJDollarama commissioned Bobobie for these little Demon guys! And the blue resin is so gorgeous and such a beautiful color of blue. And so reasonably priced! I couldn't be happier! :fangirl:
      I don't know how long these will be selling. I know they are Limited Edition, and BJDollarama commissioned 25 each of the boy and girl demons. I guess you could contact BJDollarama about them. Here is their link:
      Good luck! ;)
    4. please delete post
    5. I love the blue skin color! It's so unique....
    6. The 2 horns look better! I'm not a fan of theother one. The colored resin is really nice to see! I'm tempted to get just to have colorful BJD.
    7. Hi Borovnian! Thanks! I think he is cute, too! The blue resin is really nice. I'd read some not-so-nice comments about Bobobie tan resin, but the blue is gorgeous! Very smooth and even in color.

      Hi Adrie! Thank you! The blue resin is very pretty! I never thought I would own a blue doll, but this little guy just won my heart! I needed a little Demon to be friends with my MSD sized House Elf doll, and he was just perfect!

      Hi BlitzN! I totally agree with you! Im not a fan of the one-horn/unicorn look, either. But, this little guy with the two horns is a total win! You get two horns, wonderful colored resin, and the price point is excellent for a nice colored resin doll! They also have a pretty pink girl Demon, too.
    8. What a cutie! I have the lil girl *Demona* coming. These lil demons are so sweet! :chibi
    9. Hi Angie2Insana! How cool! :fangirl:

      I really had to wrestle with myself over which one to choose: the boy or the girl? But, since it was going to be best friends with my MSD sized Elf girl, I thought she needed a male perspective on some of her issues. So, I chose the boy!

      Wait until you get her! They are the cutest little demons! You are just going to adore her! :aheartbea
    10. You can order them from Bobobie directly in several different colors
      Blakrose is a US rep for them and she has a group order going on right now.
    11. Oops! I goofed. Bobobie doesn't have the 2 horned demon on their site. Sorry!
    12. COLOR: is the color more like the first or the second or between the two?
    13. That's actually really cute! (I'm not usually into fantasy type dolls)
    14. They are very cute!
      It's only sade that BJDollarama.com has a bade reputation around the forum, not shipping out goods, not responding to pm ec.
    15. SO. CUTE. The boy is so adorable with his blue skin, and the girl is cute too! And I didn't like Bobobie tinies before... Cuuuuuute!! ^^ Ooh, now I want one!!!

      ... *Stares at Rabbit-moon's boy* I want one. T_T God, I want one! Anyone have Demona yet?
    16. Oh! Im so sorry, TreeLore! I forgot about this thread! I didn't realize you had asked a question. The little Demon is the color in the first photo. He's just adorable.

      Thank you, Myplasticlove! He is really cute in person, too! I wasn't into fantasy dolls, either. But, once I fell in love with a Vampire Doll, I figured he had to have minions!

      Hi Ganty. Yes, he is so cute! But, wow, I did not realize that BJDollarama had a bad reputation on the forum! I've ordered several items from them over the past year, and have never had any problems. I certainly hope whatever problems they were experiencing to get a bad rap are a thing of the past.

      LOL! Yeah PsychoticEfllet, I never wanted a tiny, period. Had no desire to own a tiny doll, but I saw this little blue guy and I just fell in love with him. I think it was the two little horns that did it. (I really don't like the one-horn look, at all) But, this little demon is so cute and so adorable, Im so glad I got him. And BJDollarama shipped him really fast! And such a great price for a colored resin. I hope you get one, cos he's cute-cute-cute!
    17. Oh I like the first pic better not as bright blue or a grey blue.
    18. I just purchased the little pink demon...wow, is she a cutie! It's my first tiny and I can't wait to meet her!
    19. Wow! This is weird! I could have sworn I answered you TreeLore! I wonder where it went? (Here on the West Coast, from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. it gets freaky sometimes posting to this forum!) Anyway, yes, the color in the first picture is a truer representation of his color. I just love him. I've already used him twice in my photostories! ;)

      Hi Krissy! Great news! You won't regret it! Those Bobobie Demons are adorable! Im even tempted to buy a girl demon, too! Be sure to spam her when she arrives! :fangirl:

    20. You can bet on it! I'm so excited to see her!

      Now to think of a name...I already have a bit of background created for her :)