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Oct 2, 2020

    1. Do you find it’s hard for you to look for BJD community in your local area? Do you feel it’d be more fun to have a local community? As for me, I’m from Malaysia and I know the community isn’t as big as in other countries. Even if there's, it'd be far from where I live. I think having a local community is great especially meet-up session because I'd love to see more dolls with my own eyes and learn one or two things from experienced owners. So, what about you?
    2. I know there is a "local" community where I am but because I don't drive and only have access to local public transit I can't get to any of the gatherings. I would love to be more active with the local group outside of my small friend's circle that is interested if only to just experience other people's dolls and creativity.
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    3. I don't even think there is one in the city where I live lol
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    4. There are but mostly keep to themselves. Even when i have a meet, i usually meet with the same few others cos its difficult to organise.
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    5. @Ookamiichi08 I can feel you! transportation is one of the obstacles for me to join gatherings or conventions...

      @Demiurgo do you find it hard to get tools and materials? I think local community can help us to learn more about which shop sell those stuff at cheapest price. or even anyone who takes commission.

      @Coco loh means that most of it are private community? i agree about the difficulty in organising a meet-up. but i've never join a bjd community in my country so not how often a meet-up usually being organised.
    6. My country has a small community. Sometimes we get new people who come to our meetings, but it has mostly been the same people these last 10 years.

      I love my local community, though. It's the only BJD one I know where there is almost no drama. I actually think there never really has been drama these last 10years. Most of us are ladies over 30. So maybe that's why
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    7. that sounds cool! I always avoid from joining a group/community because of drama. I didn't know bjd community could have their own drama...that's a new thing for me :ablink:Anyway, do you think a small community is better than a big one?

    8. I have a feeling that the BJD community as a whole is full of elitists and drama (there are good people, deffenitly, but the bad apples make it so the rest don't enjoy it as much anymore) about certain sculpts, clothes, brands, wigs, ... yet at our community you can bring an obitsu of nendoroid to a meeting (because maybe they don't have a BJD yet) and people are accepting all the same! We are pro-artists, though. But we clearly state so and ask people to only bring legit BJD. So far never been any problems.

      I don't know if a smaller community is better. It does help to get to know the members better and a bit more personal then having bigger communities. We all have been in this for about 10years and I guess it creates a bond. Even though we are very accepting of new people too.

      I see equally small communities in neighbouring countries with drama though. For example: people asking for help with something or asking about the artist of a certain sculpt and nobody answering them because appereantly such information is such a secret? When I see these things I just answer. Artists aren't exclusivly for you only to enjoy. Just tell people what artist your dolls or clothes are from. Who cares if people have the same doll or outfit. It just shows your own good taste, right? In my community there was this girl whose doll had the exact same outfit as mine at the meeting. You can bet we took so many pictures of those two! I thought it was cute, instead of being grumpy of not being original or exclusive.

      I think small or big communities don't really matter. In my opinion, most has to do with how the people are as a person and what kind of drama you accept as a group. We tend to nip drama in the bud.

      I agree, I almost lost interest in the BJD community, like you said you don't like to join other communities and groups because drama. But my own local community keeps me sane and helps me love my dolls for how imperfect they are.

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    9. I used to run the meet ups for our local area (or really anyone willing to drive there) and I can't wait for this pandemic to ease up so that we can start holding meet ups again. I'm really fortunate because I live within a very easy driving distance of one of the physical stores in my country (Fabric Friends and Dolls), so it was really easy to connect with other collectors. There has been some drama, but I think for the most part it wasn't with the main group of dedicated collectors that show up all the time.
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    10. I’m fortunate to live in northeast Ohio. There are a ton of us here! Even across the state, the Ohio BJD community is big and fairly drama-free. We have (well, when there isn’t a pandemic) several meet-ups a year and it’s always fun to get together and take photos of our dolls. Some of my favorite people are folks I met at doll meets.
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    11. Our state has a very good group! We move locations between 3-4 cities because no matter where we pick, somebody is going to have to drive 60-100 miles to attend, then that same distance back. But that’s pretty normal around here, imagining a group right in my city would be completely unrealistic. :XD:

      our group is very laid back and relaxed, we allow all dolls at our meets as long as they’re legit. There really hasn’t been any drama at all. I found them in the meetup section here on DoA. I think the best thing to do if there isn’t one within an hour or two of your location is start a thread to see if there’s any interest! There may be interested people who just haven’t considered starting one themselves.
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    12. @shouie nah I do everything online. Newcloversinging has everything and if she doesn't have something, she finds it.

      About commissions I follow some people on IG (some of which I met here) I know I can trust and who always delivers exeptional works of art. You just have to roam in the hashtags and you will find what you are looking for. Oh, when you get the MP access there is a section for commission, you can find plenty of formidable artists there as well.
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    13. I forgot IG existed and just recently started using it again. Might have to try looking there myself also.
    14. It's kinda hard for me because I don't do social media like FB, IG, or Twitter anymore. I think the closest I get is this forum. But parts of the local community are somewhat active here. To be honest I wish I lived closer to the dolly friends I've made online because I feel more connected to them in comparison with my local community. It's like...a person can be into movies but not everyone is into the same genre.
    15. I love to read what you said here <3 Before, I used to read somewhere that BJD community is full of elites so I was kinda afraid to join or ask for advice. So, a warm community like your area is really helpful to a newbie like me.

      That's awesome! I’d even willing to drive for miles if I love the community. I sometimes think it’d be great if the community is just at the next door :XD:

      I’m planning to attend a dollfest in my country next year. Maybe can meet new friends there. I think to also create a new thread for my local community like what you suggested.

      @errinreynolds wowww it's so great to live in your area! Just now I drove for two hours just to look for mr clear spray but no luck lol

      @RamenDoodles yessss!!! I really want to do a photoshoot with other collectors <3 do you often do it outdoor or indoor?

      Christina is the best! I love her <3
      I’m afraid of asking for a commission because I don't know what terms or measurement an artist would require. Afraid they’d feel annoyed with my clueless head...and wonder if I could afford it TTwTT

      @Ookamiichi08 @Gintsumi I use IG but only for my arts. But on FB, I used to try to befriend with a local BJD owner but she’s kind ’elite’ so when I asked few newbie stuff to her, she kinda refused to reply to me so that’s why I thought meetup is better but not sure if it is :pout:
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    16. It depends on the meeting place and time of the year, most summers we meet up at Edgewater State Park in Cleveland so that’s outdoors of course, but we also meet at people’s houses and other parks sometimes so it varies :)
    17. @shouie Well, the point of taking commission is working with the artist to reach the desidered final result. Of course you must decide what do you want, but then it can happen that when you talk with the artist the project changes. It's a lot of fun.
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    18. I'm not sure of state of the community in my area. All the "nerdy" hobbies (anime, lolita, video games) do tend to have an intersect in the small city I live in, so chances are that there could be a small community out there.
    19. I know that there are other bjd owners in my state (Pennsylvania), but sadly I highly doubt there are any collectors in my town. It would also be hard to meet up with anyone even in my state due to travel times. I do know some people that enjoy stuff like anime and video games, but I know they'd find bjds creepy.

      At some point I do hope that I can go to a convention or meetup sometime in the future.
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    20. That's nice! i think even though there's no specific community (for example bjd) in the area, at least a community gathering would be a place for you to share hobby :D

      I feel you... i know some people in my country find to own a 'realistic' or 'human-like' doll like bjd is a big no-no, like it's sorta illegal lol
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