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~Lochness' feedback!~

Nov 19, 2006

    1. Hi~!
      The title is pretty self-explanatory, and I can't quite see what to add safe for:

      Thanks in advance, everyone~! :)
    2. Lochness is a very lovely person to deal with, and patient to boot!

      The outfit I bought arrived in under a week and Deja loves wearing it! :aheartbea Thank you~! :D

      (sorry about the quality, I took them on my phone XD)
    3. Awesome buyer! Loch-chan bought some swords from me. Prompt payment and easy to communicate with!

      Love to do business again (and yes I'd still love pics always love pics of happy dolls with their new shiny weapons)
    4. Lochness and I traded some eyes. Everything went just fine! Wouldn't hesistate to trade with again. :)
    5. Lochness bought a Luts lacy coat from me! We had the transaction in person, but it still counts! ^_~
      Great buyer! Thanks miss!! ;)
    6. I buy some clothes from Lochness ;) She's a good friend, but it still count. She's really nice so don't worry to buy from her.
      Thanks again!
    7. Great person to deal with, excellent buyer! <3<3
    8. Lochness bought a pair of Volks metallics from me and the transaction went smoothly as usual! :D
    9. I sold a wig to Lochness and she payed quite promptly and is an absolute wonderful person to deal with. ^__^
    10. Really friendly and excellent to trade with; I sold some pairs of boots to Lochness, got prompt payment and great contact throughout the transaction. Wouldn't hesitate to have business with again!
    11. I buy a head from Lochness :) She was a pleasure to deal with it, really fast to give me the head too. A really big thank you!
    12. Lovely buyer, thanks very much for your purchase =D
    13. Fastest shipping from Canada to the US EVER! Packed very well and exactly as advertised. I am VERY pleased. Thanksthanksthanks!
    14. Traded my pink wig for her guitar! Recieved the guitar quickly and is loving it, thank you so much!!
    15. Bought from Lochness who is a great seller with good communication and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks.
    16. Lochness made me a hat for Dorian and hand delivered it to a meet-up. Hat is awsome, realistic and fits perfectly. :aheartbea

      A great addition to Dorian's hat collection.
    17. Sold an Amakusa outfit to Lochness. Easy and great transactions. Nice buyer! Thanks!!
    18. Great buyer! Sold a wig, and was promptly paid. Thanks very much!
    19. Lochness bought a Leekeworld wig from me. Payment was made quickly and she was super nice as well. Great buyer!!:)
    20. I sold a Volks outfit to her and she paid superfast! A really nice person to deal with! Thank you!!! :)