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Lolitas with Dolls!

Aug 4, 2011

    1. Hello to all of the Lolitas out there! I was wondering if when you are dressed as a Lolita if you take your doll places with you? If so, how do you protect it? And do you dress it to match you? I am really into the whole Lolita thing and already own a dress. Part of the reason I am into BJDs is because I want one to carry with my dress... That, and BJDs are just plain AWESOME.

      So. How do you do it?

      (Also: Sorry if there is already a thread like this.... I searched and didn't find anything. I also don't know if I put this in the right place... Sorry guys if I did.)
    2. On the rare occasion I will bring a doll to a lolita event and when I do I use the Volks carrier that goes over your shoulder. I have both the human sized and doll versions of the pirate shirt and pirate chests from BTSSB. I matched with my doll at the Lolita and Dolls Party we had a couple of years ago at Royal T in Los Angeles.

      But its very rare that I will bring a doll to an event. I go to a lot of events in Los Angeles which tend to be very large and at tea houses where there will be no room to have a doll out. The next lolita meet up in my area is the pirate vs sailor meetup at the Santa Monica Pier. I'm not planning to bring a doll because I would rather take photos of my friends and not have to worry about a doll at such a crowded place.

      A lot of lolitas do not like to mix dolls with lolita. There are various reasons for it. Unfortunately lolita is still very misunderstood. A lot of outsiders think its a sexual fetish because the style can look a bit child-like and carrying a doll can add to that misunderstanding. Also, some people are uncomfortable with dolls and I am not going to force my hobbies on them if they are uncomfortable. It depends on the event and the people attending. If its a small event ask the other attendees first before bringing your doll.

      Congrats on getting your first dress. Do you have everything that goes with it (petti, socks, headress, shoes)? Don't forget BTSSB and IW are having their summer sales right now.
    3. For comic con this year, I actually planned to have Reika wear a matching lolita dress to mine, but I was worried about her getting stolen, so then she stayed home. At the doll panel on sunday, there was a girl dressed up, but her dolls weren't dressed like her. I think the way of protecting my doll would be to hold her close, but I was so worried that something could go wrong that I decided against it altogether Dx Maybe one day :/
    4. I Thought I would when I first got my dolls. They've all turned ut to be very much Not mini me's. I am my own doll in this case.
      Though I do want to get a dollmore lusion doll, dress her up all gothic lolita with my hair style and have her be a mini me in a more traditional style porcelain doll look.
      Except she would be terribly heavy to take to a meet. So I rather doubt it. XD
    5. I Love The Lolita Style And I Myself Dress As A Decora Girl All The Time. Lumi My Lati SP Is Just Such A Hard Model To Shop For So She Dosent Fit Much Of Anything. >.< Though When Me And My Gals Go Out I Carry My Doll. Most Of Us Decora Girls Always Have Toys Or Props With Or On Us.(;
    6. I cross dress lolita and also wear aristocrat, so it depends on what I dress to what my BJD dresses.
      If I wear lolita, I bring one of my dapper gentlemen around, if I wear aristocrat (which is most days since cross dressing isn't kosher yet really e we) I used to take my girl out in lolita~
    7. Wow! Those responses didn't take long! : DSadly, I don't have everything for the dress yet, but when I get my BBB Apollo, and do photoshoots with my friends for various things, he might tag along. I would love to take him to things like Otakon, when I really go all out, but I'm afraid that he'll feel too heavy after awhile or get broken. If I did take him, I'd have to get a bag for him that matches my dress..... Since he's going to be an SD size, it'll be a little hard..... Or will it?
    8. It wont if he has bendy knees.
    9. hrmm, well I've heard of owners carrying their dolls in a kind of baby sling {or was it an elbow sling?} but paired with the dress, it would maybe look aesthetically unappealing :/ but it's true that if he has bendy knees, just carry him kind of like a bouquet of flowers :3 I'm also unsure about the heaviness of carrying an SD all day Dx
    10. I think I've kind of missed the boat on the Lolita fad- the original Lolita is a novel about the sexualizing and seductiveness of an underage little girl... Am I the only one utterly creeped out by this?

      Anyway, this thread is likely to be closed, because it's more about this Lolita hobby thing than BJDs themselves.
    11. I'm sure you're not. But if you didn't mislabel the fashion with stereotypes you would realize that modern Lolitas have nothing to do with the book or pedophilia and it's something many within the subculture detest being compared to. You would think with a hobby that's often viewed in such a bad light as dolls one would be more open-minded about other hobbies and lifestyles as well.
      • x 1
    12. If it's not connected to the book and the trend of loli/shota/sexualizing underage kids, then it probably ought to change it's name. I never claimed to be "openminded". If I think that sort of thing is creepy as heck, then I can think that. I have nothing against grown women who wanna dress in cupcake layers of ruffles and bows, but they ought to try a new name for their look if they don't want people familiar with literature to be very disturbed by the connection.

      Mkay, stereotypes and snide comments aside, this thread is gonna go downhill faster than a greased trolleycar in San Francisco. Mods, please? This topic doesn't have much to do with BJDs...
    13. I like the look of BJDs and lolita together, but I don't think I would actually carry them out anywhere. Mostly because I am realizing how much other people are seriously creeped out by dolls. I think that would be too much stress for them on their part to see me in ruffles and with a doll. I'm breaking it to them little by little.
    14. Wow. Some of you do chose to carry your dolls, while others don't... I guess I will have to decide whether or not I want my 60cm doll to tag along... The thing I worry the most about is the weight.

      I suppose breaking it in bit by bit would be a good idea, now wouldn't it? XD

      I don't completely understand why people are creeped out so much by dolls.... I think dolls, especially BJDs are really cool..... And one would look great with my dress!

      And, I didn't mean for this thread to be off-topic. I just wanted to see if people commonly paired their dolls with their outfits and used their dolls that way. HMPH.
    15. Honestly I don't see how its off topic. It's not about just plain lolitas, its about how they manage their dolls, which seems legitimate to me. I mean if we can talk about taking dolls to the airports, its not just about airports right?
    16. It's a Japanese fashion trend started back in the 1980's. After almost three decades, I don't think it's going to be changing it's name anytime soon.

      I don't dress in lolita, but if I did I might have my dolls dress like me at a con or something. I once saw a picture of a girl in lolita with her bjd dressed like her, and it was so cute. ^_^
    17. I wouldnt mind having a doll dressed like me.... Except I would have to dress like the boy doll, since I wouldn't put him through the shame of wearing a dress or some other embarassing item.... Maybe cosplaying and cosplaying with your doll? Do people do stuff like that?
    18. Yes, there is a thread about cosplaying with your doll I think. :) If I was a Lolita I think I'd carry Peyton, my Littlefee Bisou. He's got an outfit that is kinda Kodona style (right? The boyish version of lolita). Then again, I'd probably wear the more "normal clothing" casual styles; I'd look silly in Sweet. ^^;
    19. The only time I really get to trot out my lolita clothes is at conventions (I live in the cultural equivalent of a stink beetle), so its a big production when I actually do dress up. I like to take one of my boys with me in a complimentary outfit (since I make my own lolita stuff this is easier to do) and feel that it adds a little extra to my ensemble. If I actually lived somewhere where I could wear that style out and about, I wouldn't necessarily always bring one of my boys with me - its more of a special occasion thing for me ^^.
    20. Disregarding some of the sillier viewpoints on this thread and to answer the actual OP's question, no, I don't think I'd take any of my dolls with me if I went out on a photoshoot or a meet-up meant specifically for Lolitas . Not only do I not have any female dolls but none of my dolls outright cross dress so the idea of our wearing matching dresses or skirts goes right out the window. Sometimes my boys will wear Lolita-esque items such as ruffly bloomers or petticoats, but those are simply elements of the fashion and their outfits are often much wilder than my own. I only have one doll, my DiM Alpon, who is actually intended to dress as a Kodona, though I still highly doubt I'd bring him along with me as he dresses strictly in white which would match none of my coords, but I also just simply think a doll would be too cumbersome and childish looking to be toting around when I am already attempting to display myself as a mature Lolita.

      Edit: to include, even if I did have my female doll I do have planned in the future, I still highly doubt I would bring her along. There is a possibility of my outfits looking similar to her as I'd adore to dress her in some extravagant classic Lolita which would perhaps match my own simpler classic coords, but my reasoning still stands in why I'd likely leave her behind if I went out to a Lolita meet-up or something similar unless I was specifically requested to bring her.