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LOLY CAT - Ringo's little sister - WITH WINGS!!!

Oct 30, 2008

    1. Okay so I was on the Pipos site getting my kitty cuteness fix when I saw this popup from Docshul.

      She said that she was making Ringo's younger sister and that she'd have big eyes, but a small body and her name is to be Loly.

      God if Ringo has a little sister...oh man...so many kitties...
    2. I received that email too...! I am very curious about it too...imagine if it was a kitty the size of Baby Julia pig? Crap, that would be too cute for me!
    3. OMG SMALLERRRRRRRR PIPOS !? I can't wait ! That means they'll make smaller every animal ! :D I want to seeeeeee
    4. I'd be so happy if the kitty fit Kelly dresses...Tillie would have the cutest little sister that's oh so easy to dress!
    5. Oh, geez.... I'm doomed :)
    6. Cute! great to hear it's a new doll after all
    7. Closing this thread until we get some clarification if it's a modded personal doll or a concept project with pipos.

      Reopened thread as we got word from Pipos Staff "Loly is kind of concept doll with Docshul"
    8. How adorable Docshul the lady who does the makeup designed this smallest Pipos Cat!! and he/she has Magnetic WINGS!!

      This cat is smaller than Ringo :)
      No date for going on sale yet but I think it will be soon!
      I will be getting that bluish one for sure!

      NEWS THREAD here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=252553



    9. I am personally hoping that the magnetic wings will be available as extra parts as well

      Seeing as I think my Heero wants 2 pairs >.>
    10. Oh goodness....I like that they are smaller than Ringo! I want one... The blue is gorgeous! And wings??? SO cool.
    11. She says the blue one is actually a grey, green blue mix so cute
    12. OMG so cute! I wonder about the tails... there isn't a good shot of them there... I can't wait for more pictures and news on the price.
    13. i must have one. does anyone know of any US retailers that will carry pipos limiteds? dolls and friends was my go to place for pipos limiteds but they are closing, i am so bummed. i think pipos does a short lay-a-way but it would be nice to get a longer one. i wish i would win the lottery.
    14. I would be doomed forever if it had purple makeup and fit Kelly clothes...
    15. OMG!!
      I have been resisting pipos cuteness for a long time and this one has just broken the barrier down.
      The little wings sold me on her. Going to have to get a cute little kitty.
    16. I love the little wings, maybe Loly will be my next kitty! I can't have a real one T_T
    17. I know Denver Doll Emporium sells Pipos, but I can't confirm about the limiteds. They have a banner ad on DoA, so I 'm hoping I won't be out of line proving a link.



    18. i asked denver doll about pipos limited when they released the baha pirate and they said they do not carry the limiteds. maybe now that dolls and friends is no longer they will, i can hope at least.
    19. Is it wrong that I keep imagining an how it would look to have an adorable puppy face on that tiny winged body? :sweat
    20. I hope they are the same size as Puki!! I want one!