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Long-distance Relationships?

Feb 3, 2007

    1. For those on DoA whose dolls met and fell in love with each other, how do you work it out?

      Do they finally wind up being together, or they take regular visits to each other, or any other solution? When you doll is in a relationship with another doll not of your own, do you see the need for them to live together permanently at some point?

      Any type of suggestion or your own experiences would help greatly. Thank you so much for your attention *bows*
    2. When I was in Korea on vacation, Koreans have this thing called "home staying" where they'll just send their doll with another owner for a weekend and they'll make photostories etc... It's kind of like a vacation for the doll. I did that for a couple weekends for the "friends" that Minseo made but in the end, I was bored having a weekend to myself so I stopped -_-;; (plus I was paranoid in case something happened)

      I figure it's harder in America because of such long distances but..
      If you trust the owner enough, just send them for a weekend or two and then send it back?

      DON'T GIVE THE WHOLE DOLL UP please ;_; Chidori is too cute~
    3. I need a good way to phrase things so that I don't seem to blame it on anyone here...but helloivy<3, Chidori will be just fine wherever he goes ^^ and Cornstarch and Jiro will definitely give him lots of love and take care of him if he does head over. The main issue is about me not wanting to let him go...I'd just miss him so much *dies*

      But if it's for the best and for Chidori's sake, I'll need to make up my mind one way or the other. So I need suggestions and any helpful ways that can resolve the situation ^^ Thank you for your comment!!
    4. I did have Winter in a long-distance relationship. Thankfully, that person lived only a few hours away from me, so at meets they would be able to meet.

      However, the problem I found with that is that it severely limited me on my ability to expand on Winter's story, so I stopped. I also have a paranoia about sending him anywhere, so sending him places was a definate no no. I don't even let friends who live here borrow him. x_x
    5. Hahaha.
      Sundae's in love with Cornstarch's Syra..
      I think that if it ever came down to it...
      I'd send him over there.
      ...That is, if I didn't feel like driving anywhere. ^w^;;;

      If you trust that person enough to send him off, I'd say go for it! ^o^
      I'm sure you'd miss him, but when you know they're safe, it's not that bad. ^w^;;;
    6. Before I say anything, I think long-distance relationships are just hard all around.

      Well, for me, I know I would never be able to sell Chyou to another owner simply because of dollie love. X3 The thought has crossed my mind several times to send Chyou to Ancatsidhe and her narin, Keibhan (<33!) for a visit, but I know, at the moment, I'd be way too paranoid about the post and the fact that Chyou is my only doll right now...It'd just be hard not to see his cute little face everyday. X3

      Chyou and Kei mostly write to eachother or tke photoshoots/stories for one another.

      Good luck finding a solution that works for you!
    7. Hayden's lovebaby lives in California. So that's a bit... hard. We just RP them on MSN, it's fun and gets interesting. When Ostara finally gets her El, I'm going to send a 'Hayden' kit to her, so Isil can dress Latherian up. Yep.

      Sending him over permanantly kind is kind of rash. Sending him over now and then is okay. Sure, you'd miss him, but he'd be back. They'd take care of him ^.^
    8. Luckily, my two who are involved with dolls outside of the Turtle House crew (Tien Jen and Kessari-) are both with dolls that belong to one of my friends here in Seattle. She and I do photo trips or meet for lunch pretty often, and it's not unusual for her to have one or the other of my guys stay over for a visit when we do that.

      If we didn't live in the same city, it would be a lot harder... I'm really, really paranoid about sending any of my guys through the post. I'd worry too much about Jen or Kess getting lost or damaged in transit to risk sending them. 0_o
    9. Well with Morgan (Soom Gena) it was pretty hopeless. I felt like sending him to live with Majenta was the right thing to do. We just say he's on permanent loan. It isn't as if I'll never get to see Morgan again, he's just slightly less accessable. And if things ever go bad he can return to me, no hard feelings. Of course I trust my friend and so this never seemed like a bad arrangement to me.

      Toshiya (CP El), on the other hand, is probably just better suited to being with cecilia's Ava on a long distance basis because he's a horrible, arrogant, stupid, violent boy and long distance is the only way he's tolorable. XD (That's a half truth, I <3 them both.)

      So, it just depends, really.
    10. Long distance relationships are just hard, full stop XD I don't think I'd like to involve any of my dolls in a serious relationship with anyone who didn't at least live in the same country (Britain is pretty small so as long as they're on the mainland, it's not more than three or four hours journey to visit someone). I personally wouldn't send a doll through the post to visit their SO, and I wouldn't sell them or give them to the other doll's owner unless I really wasn't bonding and didn't want to keep them.
    11. Long distance relationships can definitely be hard.... whether its dolls or owners. Or both. That's my situation XD
      What's great for far-apart dolls is role play. It's not allowed here on DoA, but via PMs, email, livejournal, or instant messaging, you can use RP to close the gap and allow the characters to interact without actually having to be together physically. It's always worked for me!
    12. Well, my Naomi fell in love with a guy in Michigan, and I shipped her to them for a visit and then they both came back here. My thought was that we'd do this back a forth for awhile, but Grimm's owner decided that they needed to stay together (forever), and that shipping them back and forth longterm was a risky proposition (she worked for UPS at the time), upping the odds for breakage and package loss, etc. So...they ended up staying here. I think that relationships closer to home are easier, but it is possible to do the long distance ones, if both owners are careful with their dolls and communicate well. It's really sweet when it works! :>)
    13. Aneirin once upon a time fell in love with Satoru, Kitazawa's Sch A boy. For a while it was long distance via AIM and the occasional visit... They got attached. At this point, we only live a couple of hours from each other. So every few months we switch who has them. They're really too cute to pull apart anymore.
    14. Wow. I would just RP, alot. I don't think I could take it if Edders were ever to leave me... I love my resin wh--er. Boy. XD; I think I could take a trade, maybe, but never by mail! o _ o I dun trust the post office. They always lose/damage everything I send that matters. >_>

      Long distance is hard, whether you're made of resin or flesh. : /
    15. Gah. Never, ever would I put my doll in a long distance relationship. Not one that was bound to flourish and they became attached. I don't even have her and I couldn't do it.

      I'm in a long distance relationship and it's so hard. It's been this way for three years and only soon will it be changing.

      I couldn't put my girl through that and I could certainly never part with her.
    16. Tris has two boyfriends that live out of state (one of them is even out of the country!). I meet up with them and their owners at conventions, but we've also had someone visit (for what turned out to be a very extended stay!), and the other is coming home with me after SakuraCon this year. <3 We RP them, but it does sort of limit photostories to not have the other parties around. I'm still too much of a wimp to send Tris off-- not because I don't trust my RP-partners, or because I'm worried he'd get messed up, but because I don't think I could go very long without him around. @_@;
    17. I have several couples in this house that are all outside relationships. [actually, my only in house couple so far is Jenova and Fuan. All their others are outside -haha]

      One of them [to date] is way long distance - Jenova and Aki. They've been together for almost a full year now and there's never any problems with the actual physical distance. Syrinxfox sent Aki to me for a week the very first time they met "in person" [as apposed to rp - which is where they spend most of their time interacting] - since then she's visited here and I've visited there [just a few of what will be many trips back and forth]

      no issues with them at all - in fact they just get closer and closer as time goes on ^_^

      like Brightfires said, Fuan and Fanuel are both involved with two of her crew [Fuan is with Tien Jen <-- he's here visiting right now in fact -haha, and have been for almost a year as well and Fanuel is with her Kessari - again, for a few months shy of a year] - since we are both local, we visit alot ourselves and so they get alot of in person piccies and photostories in turn. I think the only thing that would be hard is if I was to move away or something, but it wouldn't be like they'd split up over it [haha, neither of my twins are letting their SO's go anywhere if they have a say in it] - it would just limit the piccies and what not is all.

      Jun's best friend Taz belongs to Gloria and again, she's local so they get alot of in person visits. Jun's also begun developing a friendship with Evphaedrielle's Zephyr who is across country so they interact via rp.

      so even though we all have the physical avatar of the characters in two different places, it hasn't effected their relationships at all [on my end anyway ^^]. It just means less together piccies at times, but that's what owner to owner visits are for too <3 Mine don't do anything simple, and if they are with someone, they'll be there forever [unless the other side makes it clear they don't want any part of it - they aren't for forcing either. They just happen to take love very very seriously] - even though piccies of them together make me all kinds of happy, it's not vital to them staying with their Others, because they'll still interact somewhere - either with rp, letters, email, occasional piccies back and forth - it all works out in the end ^^
    18. Usually, I'd wanna keep my doll's 'relationships' in-state; I'm way overprotective and haven't let them stay over at anyone's house yet, but if it's in-state, it's usually a lot easier for me to cope with. And, since Florida is such a big convention state, a lot of dolls go to the anime cons that I (will!) take my girls to. (they haven't been to one yet!)

      As far as their relationships go.. Tayuya has this weird thing for Enki's Kiba, but I'm not sure whether it's because she likes him or she likes fighting with him. Momo has affections for aernath's Ichigo. :B
    19. I tried it once. It wasn't for me. Since all my dolls are based on my characters in my storybooks, and not the other way around, I prefer keeping them in my house.

      And.. there are only a few people I trust enough to send my dolls to for a "visit".
    20. My first doll, Kai fell in love with a doll that my friend owns when he was with her for a few months. When they were seperated, both of our dolls hated us and we eventually sold both of them ^ ^;;