Long lasting new resin smell

Oct 24, 2019

    1. Hello!
      So, I got my Loongsoul Chaos back in April 2019 (after like 6 months of waiting!). He smelled strongly like new resin right out of the box, but I figured it was because he was new. Other dolls I've gotten have smelled like that at first, the smell fading within a few days. But for this doll, that didn't happen.

      Not once since his arrival has he been back in his box. He's been sitting on a shelf, been outside for photos, even been on an international flight and through three different airports as I carried him out in the open like he was a baby.

      Almost 7 months later, it's the end of October 2019, and he still has that new resin smell. It bugs me a little,since I'm sensitive to smells. But I'm also wondering if its any kind of dangerous that the resin still smells, or if there's anything to do about it? Has anyone else had this problem?

      I will note that he's strung so tight I'm not sure I could take him apart or get him back together again. Getting his head on in the first place took a good half hour of wedging his shoulders against something and pulling the s-hook with all my strength.
    2. I also tend to be sensitive to smells but I didn't notice much of a new resin smell when I got my Loongsoul boy several months back. Their different resin types might smell different though depending on if you got the standard or french/environmental.

      He was strung ridiculously tight. I ended up restringing him with looser elastic because I prefer to be able to move my dolls more easily even if it sacrifices a bit of the stability for extreme poses.
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    3. I agree with the strung ridiculously tight, though it is good for posing!
      I never knew abut the different resins... Thanks for telling me!
      I'm not actually sure which one I got, I just remember being stunned by how paperwhite he was, vs what I thought the white would look like ^^;;
    4. Same here! I got a Loongsoul Chaos in wheat resin and he and his box still smells strongly of resin. A few months later I got two bodies in white and pink and they didn’t have the smell, strangely.

      I had to restring my Chaos, I didn’t have the strength to pull up the s-hook :XD: I swear the people at this company must’ve employed the Hulk, I have no idea how they manage to get elastic that tight!
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    5. Hello there!

      Resin allergies are definitely real. Resin continues to off-gas once you receive the doll. Eventually, it should stop off-gassing, but some resin appears to continually off-gas. There is a suuuuper talented BJD seamstress who recently posted about her resin allergy on Instagram. (She is on DoA, but I am afraid that I do not recall her ID here.) She talks more about it and what she has done in regards to the off-gassing. She mentions that some dolls in her possession continue to off-gas, like Fairyland 2016+.

      If you're sensitive, you can definitely try to air it out.

      I know some artists had to stop working with BJDs indefinitely because of allergies. I believe Evenstar, a very popular faceup artist back in the day, left because of allergies to resin and/or MSC.
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    6. I seem to remember reading something about that before, though I can't remember where. When my computer agrees to let the link work, I'll definitely check it out! (it keeps coming up as a blank page) Thanks for the info!
      Luckily I don't think I'm allergic, it's just that the smell of new resin for that long annoys me.

      Interesting that it was just Chaos, even in two different resin colors! Yes, he is strung super duper tight! So tight I don't think I could even pull the s-hook up enough to cut the string, even though I did finally manage to get his head on. xD So since I got his head on, he is not going to be coming apart for any reason until the elastic goes, I think ;P
    7. @konzenkoryuu unfortunately, people can develop allergies to resin from sensitization. More info here. This affects a small percentage of people, but people who were not initially allergic to resin can become allergic to it from repeated exposure, even if the resin is cured. If you are sensitive to smells, I would just be careful.
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    8. I have a fairyland body I bought from a friend specifically because it still smells of resin even years later! She couldn't stand it so cut me a bit of a deal. My girl is a little ah, fragrant, but I think it's getting less intense...

      I let her sit in her bra and panties every once in a while because her clothes trap the smell.
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