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Long leg Iplehouse Boy! (Black Soo Ri?)

Jan 28, 2006

    1. He looks almost the same XD But it's nice to have a taller body!

      I think it's the same size of the previous neck!
      Circumference of neck : 9.5 cm

      But I don't know if the resin color is compatible o.O
    2. Tan is pictured, but not for sale (will be in Feb.). You can buy the body in Normal and White.
    3. I was under the impression that iplehouse was just "killing two birds with one stone" by marketing the new body while taunting you with tan at the same time.

      I did want to mention that I put my white SP Kill_U head on my white iplehouse body last night. The iplehouse resin is minutely more pink but it's not too bad. Nathan is usually dressed from neck to toe so I don't mind it, it really is close. Not that I want to see an army of Kill_U Special's on iplehouse bodies but for those of you selling bodies I thought you might want to know, since all those SP Kill_U heads are just coming home to people right now. (CP white is still a better color match for Kill_U though, I just wanted more muscle)

      I found the Soo-Ri default hand's postioning to be a little awkward, (What are his pinky fingers supposed to be doing?) so I put some BW CP boy hands on the Soo-Ri body and they look good. The wrist socket it a little tiny bit larger, but if I suede the inside it will be a perfect fit.:daisy