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Long live the Hound!! (Dollshe Hound Discussion)

Jan 26, 2006

    1. Eeekk! hello everyone! :) I've been here but not too long and I usually post in the gallery section. Almost everyone I see here either has a hound or wants one! I think such a beautiful and well-loved doll deserves to be talked about! :fangirl:
      So...who here thinks the hound is a delicious, delectable, beauty-mark on the face of Dollfie? (and I will be very pissed if no one thinks so! :barf Raahhh!!)

    2. There is a thread in the Larger dolls section called "The waiting for Hound" Thread, which pretty much serves this very purpose!
    3. ...Yay! then people do love the heck outta hounds! :-D
    4. Oh yeah, a whole bunch of us are downright Houndcases :)
    5. ^-^ i'm one I'm one!!
      I have a hound and I want another one already >_>
      Dollshe craft is so addictive.
    6. I was going to post at the waiting thread, but it was sooooo long.

      And I just wanted to scream out now, My Hound will be here in a few days!!!!!

      Yay I am so excited :) lol :)
    7. lol

      i have 5 hounds :D oh well i love hounds becos they'r hunky and handsome :D
    8. Were you really worried no one would reply to a hound lovin' thread? Wow. he is one of the nost popular dolls on here, right up there with CP El and Lishe.

      He is such a versatile boy and so lovely, it is really hard not to love him if you are into larger dolls.

      I only have one so far but he is rapidly taking over my life, my friends now complain if I don't take him places!
    9. Kagari *gasp* you lucky devil! I'm so totally jealous!! :fangirl: could you imagen, 5 hounds.... :drool
    10. I personally would never consider getting a Hound, I don't know why, it just never struck me as my 'to get' list..

      ..but hell, I love Hounds anyway. I -seriously- don't want them, but those hands and all are gorgeous. <3
    11. I want a hound really bad!!!!!!!! If anyone has a hound in need of a girl friend PM Darith!!!!!! JK well sort of!!!!! LOL I luv hound!!!!! i'm getting one when I have the money!!!! Better get to babysitting!!!!LOL
    12. I'm paying a Hound.. He'll be here in March and I can't wait to meet him ^___^ I'll be so happy once I have him
    13. I'm paying a Hound.. He'll be here in March and I can't wait to meet him ^___^ I'll be so happy once I have him
    14. Awww, thank you all so mush for your loverly replies! :-D oh and acexkeikai, you have a sessy avatar! :fangirl:
    15. Kristoff is just waiting for his wig to arrive before he makes his debut here on DOA.

      I hope he can hold his own with the other beautiful boys!
    16. Ok ..... I was saying last time that I was going to post on the waiting thread, but that it was too long, well I guess now I need to find the he's here thread:)

      Oh he's here he's here he's here :) :) :) :)

    17. Mmmmhmm oh yeah, Dollshe addict here totally. I just ordered my 3rd one a few minutes ago >.> I love other sculpts, but the Dollshe boys seem to fit ME as an owner better, for my character styles. He's very versatile.
    18. I think 2 hounds can look like totally different people by using different face ups even if they are the same head molds. That's why the fascination with multiple hound complex I think....
    19. I MUST have HUSKY!!!!! I was a hound girl through and through, then I saw Husky on the Iplehouse website. OMG!!!!! It's like the perfect balance between hound and bermann. Yummmalicious!!!
    20. hahaha husky huh.... i might him.... but then again the 5 hounds in my house might go x.x"" lol

      how to manage 5 hounds? hmmm thye'r poretty much independent... they can take caqre of themselves :D :D they play big brothers to the rest of my family... very manly and they do housework.... hahahaha and i think they know how to change diapers...