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Long Term Storage

Apr 12, 2016

    1. I am so confused with this new forum set up. No main page with all the thread catagories? Anyway, this might be a how to question, but what is the best way to prepare your dolls for long term storage? I plan on getting out a doll for a while, then switching, so they will be in tubs right at the open side of the unit. But should I clear spray my blank heads, or should I leave them 'clean'. I am between protecting them from undo aging from the un-temp controlled storage, or having the clear coat yellow. I do plan to wrap them in plain natural cotton. Any other thoughts?
    2. Just click on the 'Forums' tab at the top left of the page and it takes you to a complete list of all the threads :)

      As the UV sprays guard against yellowing from the light ,( by blocking the UV rays ) , I'm not sure it will protect them against any yellowing from temperature changes . You could also ask in the customization and maintenance forum (in the workshop section ) , someone probably has more experience dealing with storage of dolls in hot weather . We mostly have wet and cold here :...(
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    3. I am planning on moving as well, and do not know for how long I will have to have all my things in storage, included dolls.
      I have packed each doll carefully in bubble wrap and foam sheet (the stuff you use as underlayment for laminate floors) and each of them has a facemask to protect faceup and lashes. The dolls are packed in their doll boxes padded with the pillows they came with. For the ones where I still have the shipper box I have put the doll box in that as well for extra protection.
      For my head collection I have packed each head individually in the same manner as my dolls and put them in plastic storage containers.
      Accessories, clothes, shoes and wigs are also packed in storage containers.

      My storage space is dry, dark, keeps a normal room temperature, indoors and will most likely have slight heat and moisture fluctuations throughout the year.
      I am definitively not spraying my blank heads or dolls as it would be a hassle getting the sealant off again. Resin ages and yellows no matter what, it is an inherent process in the plastic itself. The sealant protects the surface of the resin from uv rays, but not from temperature changes.
    4. I haven't stored most of mine for long periods of time except for my first who is "retired" now and not on display. A couple of very important things:

      -Undress them and don't leave wigs on or touching them. They may stain.
      -Take out eye putty. Depending on what you've used, at high temperatures it may bake and crack resin or eyes, or it may melt and become a sticky mess, also ruining string or any fabric it may come in contact with.
      -UV sealant helps against sunlight, but not heat. Very high heat will make dolls yellow faster, and depending on how high, may warp the resin.
      -Be prepared to buy new string. Elastic can dry out and become brittle or lose elasticity over time, especially in extreme temperatures. Likewise, clothing made of plastic, PVC, pleather and similar fabrics may melt or crack. I would suggest packing the clothes, wigs, eyes and accessories separate.

      A final thing, and I don't know how much fact there is here, but when I was planning to store my boy in his box in my closet, I was warned that wrapping him tightly in white cloth, bubblewrap or anything else would damage the resin because it cannot breathe. I don't know if this is true. I had him wrapped for a couple of months, but now he's just laying between two pillows in his box. He is extremely yellow now (like white skin turned almost normal yellow) and I don't remember him being that yellow before, BUT I did pack him up during a time when I was still somewhat inexperienced in the hobby, so I'm not sure if he yellowed in his box, or if I just didn't realize how yellowed he was until now.
    5. Oh yes, second that, pack them naked. No wigs, no clothes, no eyes.
      And give your dolls a thorough clean before you pack them away as well.

      As for wrapping them up tightly, I think I will take the chance of using bubblewrap. After all, that is how they are packaged when shipped, and I would rather have my dolls well wrapped than broken during transport and storage.

      I had my two DoD I-ras stored away in their boxes for several years. Indoors at room temperature or low temperature during winter and at regular humidity.
      My white skin doll did not change colour at all. She was wrapped in bubble wrap and stayed in her box from 2007 to 2014.
      My normal skin doll changed colour from an intense pink to a much more pleasing mellowed tone. From 2007 to 2009 she was displayed and played with, in this time she yellowed slightly. She stayed in her box from 2009 to 2014 and I did notice a change of colour when I unpacked her. She was not wrapped up in bubble wrap during this period of storage, just lying there between two pillows.
      This is a comparison picture of the two dolls taken in 2007.
      [​IMG]_DSC3823 by Skumring, on Flickr
      And this was taken in 2014.
      [​IMG]_DSC5196 by Skumring, on Flickr
      I contribute the yellowing of the ns doll solely to age, and seeing as the white skinned doll did not change colour at all during these years I would say that keeping your doll stored away and wrapped in bubble wrap should not be harmful.
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