Look alikes

Feb 3, 2018

    1. Have you guys noticed that there's some company's sculpts look a lot like another company's? Just today, I realized that Asleep Eidolon has sculpts that resemble that of Xaga doll's? Are they sister company or are the artists just not under a contract to remain in only one company? Thoughts and comments?

      Are there any companies that have similar looking sculpts that are not sister companies?
    2. Actually, yeah, sometimes they may look similar on photos- I've seen people who had different sculpt from several different companies but due to face ups and styling they looked almost identical to me
    3. I know, at the very least, Asleep Eidolon and XagaDoll collaborate, but perhaps they are related companies. It (at least used to) state on the Asleep Eidolon site that the body for their 1/6th dolls was XagaDoll’s. They’ve also recently done a collaboration, but I forget which size (Big Baby?).
    4. There are sometimes companies who share artists or casting companies.

      Bobobie and ResinSoul are sister companies.
      DollZone and Doll Chateau are sister companies.
      Magical-Angel (XM Doll) has a sculptor who used to work for Domuya.
      BlueBlood Doll and Jie Doll share a casting company, and they collaborate to make Gen-X Doll.
      Dollshe and Dollstown use the same casting company (though I am unsure if they share anything else).
      One of the Doll Family companies (can't remember if it was DF-A or DF-H) shared a casting company with now defunct Illusion Spirit.

      Cerberus Project, Luts and Fairyland are kind of a confusing jumble--CP created sculpts for the Delf and Minifee lines to be sold through Luts, but when they split, CP took the rights to the sculpts and Minifee line, and Luts kept the rights to the Delf name. So Luts can't sell the old sculpts anymore, but they still have the Delf lines and new sculpts in those lines, but Fairyland has the rights to Minifee name and dolls. This is why some older Minifees might be listed as Luts or CP, some older Delf sculpts might be called CP, and many of the older Luts dolls and current Fairyland dolls have similar names and sculpts. (I think I got all of that right, somebody correct me if I'm wrong, it confuses me sometimes!)
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    5. @CloakedSchemer You got the Luts/Cerberus Project/Fairyland relationship down pretty well. Think of it as a bad divorce. ;)

      Also, some the sculptors move around a bit, so you will see similarities sometimes because of that. I remember one of the Soom (I believe) sculptors moved to a different company, and people thought something shady was going on..
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    6. One look alike that surprised me is Soom Beryl and Raccoon doll Sia look very similar to me.
    7. I believe that was the sculptor for Miyadoll, which I remember because I found out about the company during the kerfuffle about her sculpt looking like Soom's Feny, and subsequently put one of her dolls on my wishlist.

      There was a similar relationship/question about DollPamm and Dolli Pop, which if I remember correctly was that Dolli Pop's sculptor learned from DollPamm's (though I might have that reversed).
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    8. That's the one! Thanks :)
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    9. I might be wrong but I think CharmDoll and LoongSoul are also sister companies...
      and for me a lot's of sculpts look similar, but this is propably also because I am rather new to the hobby....
    10. I didn't know Luts and Fairyland were once together. :0 I'm new to the doll scene so I'm still learning. I noticed Luts and Fairyland were similar but wow.
      Regardless I like the Luts bc they're cheaper and just as cute as Fairyland imo.
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    11. I'm not sure if they're sister companies, but I believe the sculptor for Daydream used to work for Bluefairy, hence their similar styling :) I believe Angel Region and Minoru World are sister companies to Bluefairy though!
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    12. I always thought Bluefairy and Daydream must have some kind of a connection. Sometimes I get confused by which is which. They both have similar styling.
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    13. No one has mentioned Magic Time dolls? They're practically a clone of minifees!
    14. The ClassyDoll sculptor originally worked for AprilStory, then broke away under his own name for a while, then went back to AprilStory. So the April Story and ClassyDoll lines are very similar.

      You'll also get family resemblances if one sculptor studied with another. For instance, OasisDoll with Rainman/Elfdoll, and Limhwa with Bimong.
    15. Side by side, their heads are pretty different. And the bodies are only superficially similar, too. I wouldn't call them clones, and while stylistically my MT boy fits in the same group as my MNF boy, they don't look alike the way Soom and Miyadoll, DollPamm and DolliPop, or any of the other extremely similar companies mentioned.
    16. Look-a-likes can be nice; especially if one is at a lower price point than the other and easier for you to obtain. In my case, I had an MYOU Delia that I adored but just didn't like MYOU's style of body and limbs. Recently, LUTS (my favorite company) released the Kid Delf sculpt, Rika..which has a face and face up similar to what I've seen with MYOU dolls. I am smitten with her! Knowing that I can get the "look" I fell in love with also with the body I prefer.

      I know people do a lot of hybrids to make their favorite pairings, but I just don't think I'm an experienced enough buyer to pull that off successfully.
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    17. This happened to me when I was doll browsing some months ago. I was looking for distinctive facial features, which caused the side effect of doll sculpts blending together. ^^;
    18. This confused me with Doll Family H and Doll Legend... Like, the same sculptor MUST be working for both because there's no way DL Vino wasn't sculpted by the same person who sculpted DF-H Chino...
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    19. Over the summer, there was an interesting thread discussing companies that "share" sculptors: Shared sculptors?.