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Looking for a first mini. What do you think?

Jul 30, 2009

    1. I have an sd already from Bobobie, (via junkyspot), so now I want to find a mischevious cat boy to give my bunny boy a hard time!
      I'm looking for a good first msd, one with easy clothing and shoe options. I was enamored by the sprite:D, but could she (immature) pass as a male? Does anyone have any suggestions?
    2. You can get Sprite as a boy. Just let Emory (at the Junkyspot ) know that you want a boy. I think the head would work well for a young boy, if that is your question. Remember though that the BBB minis are very slim. I have got clothes for them (one outfit from Divas by Design here on DOA, she also has her own website) that fit great but regular MSD stuff will be very big.
    3. Sprite head on a male body:

      There's more pictures here, some not worksafe; they're nude shots showing his body blushing. I personally think that Sprite works very well on both male and female bodies.
    4. I think the Sprite would work well, if that's what you want. For easy to find clothes, though, I'm not sure I'd go with a Bobobie mini. My cousin's boy is a Bobobie An, and he's adorable - but all the clothes I have that fit my variety of minis fine just HANG on him. Really baggy. His Dollmore pants just BARELY stay on, and that's WITH the laces (it has laces instead of snaps at the fly) tied as tight as I can get them. That's not a major problem, especially if you can sew enough to take things in a bit; but if you want to be able to buy just anything and have it fit, it might be a concern.
    5. Thank you all so much<3333 Its good to know that I can get a male lil sprite<3 I will be saving up for this now,so thank you. I will definately be making him clothing instead of buys, but shoes are a different story. Thanks a ton for everyone's help <3
    6. An is actually a ResinSoul sculpt, not Bobobie... ResinSoul bodies are smaller and thinner than Bobobie bodies. I've actually had no problems finding clothes for my boy; he wears the same sizes as my other three MSDs. (Two AoDs and a Soulkid body, all four share clothes.)

      Edit: Come to think of it, they fit the pre-modding FantasyDoll boy body, too. I'm sure they'll also fit after I finish the mods, as I'm not taking away any girth, just height.

      Standard MSD-size shoes have also fit him perfectly well, I just can't ever find ones I actually like.
    7. He was advertised (by Junkyspot) as a Bobobie An, that's all I know. I know Resinsoul heads can be bought on Bobobie bodies, and vice versa, so who knows. All I know is we have nothing that fits him anything other than loose, and he's way smaller than even my smallest boy!

      It doesn't matter, really, if someone's making their own clothes for him they can tailor them to fit correctly anyway.
    8. Some places group Bobobie and Resinsoul together under the Bobobie name, since they're sister-companies and RS dolls can be bought from BBB (but not vice-versa); however, unless you ask for them to switch, each doll will come with its default body. :) (So RS molds on RS bodies, for whichever gender they're sold as, and BBB molds on BBB bodies, for whichever gender/maturity they're sold as.)
    9. BBB Song is a boy version of Sprite- he has a Tony body, I believe, which is more like the AOD and other MSD sizes. He is adorable!