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Looking for a list of Mature Tinies?

Aug 16, 2011

    1. Anyone know of any mature tiny dolls? As many as you could list would be great. I didn't know where to look for these. While a lot of companies have tinies, most of them are not mature.

      I was thinking of getting one for my next doll.

      Thanks in advance!
    2. Still looking...
    3. Sugarble has a glamour body option for their 26cm tinies, it is quite mature:)

      Leekeworld also recently put out a mature tiny body for some limited dolls. You might be able to get one secondhand.
    4. If you search this section I'm pretty sure someone has asked before and there was a list produced
    5. I know of a few:

      Tinybear (or Sleeping Elf): Moona, Mina, Bracken, Cocoa and Bonbon

      Garden of Dolls: Nabiyette

      Elfdoll: Hiro, Catsy, Dodo, Jindalre, Bongsunhwa, Mindelre, Olivia, Sylf, Lyn, Adel, Winky, Kai

      Dolkot: Peya

      If I think of more I'll edit this post.
    6. Roxydoll Symposion
      Soom Minigem
      Souldoll Little
      Limhwa (not sure on all their names)
    7. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! :)

      Also thanks bunches for the chart! Anyone know of any others out there?

      Where can I find Roxydoll Symposion? When I goggled it I didn't get anything.
    8. They are sold on the Notdoll site. I have a Pandora and she's lovely, fits Momoko clothes too ^^

    9. Planetdoll's Mini Riz is also a fairly mature-looking tiny.
    10. There's also the old Unoa Lights, Fluorite and Azurite, from 2005 (the later ones are vinyl, not resin, and therefore off-topic on DoA). They're not easy to find, but they turn up in the marketplace and on Y!J from time to time.

      Lumedoll sells a number of mature tinies, both male and female: http://www.lumedoll.com/

      There's also the Seed Inkling, if you want them even smaller!
    11. Thank you! :)
    12. Domadoll is pretty mature and adorable pudgy also pipos had some rounder ones, the ents from leekeworld were pretty mature.
    13. Amelia Thimble by WildeImagination would fit this category. She's very very tiny and adorable.
    14. Sims Thanks!

      Ellyowyne3 First time I heard of her, is she new?
    15. Mature Tinies

      I would love to see that Picture Request thread updated with new mature tinies - comparisons, posing, etc.! I'm really looking for Mini Gem males!
    16. I don't know if Dream High Studios is off topic? If not they have some of the most amazing mature tinies! The website is: www.dreamhighstudio.com
    17. She came out this spring if I remember right. She has furniture (little button chairs and a bed) - table, etc. and teeny weeny clothes. She's about 3 1/2" I think - frail body and larger round face. sweet sweet sweet. More of her coming this fall on the WildeImagination site.
    18. Perhaps I am confused about what 'mature' means...because I don't Amelia Thimble does fit in this category. She is childlike, and has no bust.
      She is adorable though, and I plan to get her!

      Stupid nube question- doesn't 'mature' mean the body styling is adult and females have a bust etc? So for example, the The Elfdoll Tiny is mature, but the New Tiny is not?