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Looking for a smiling Elf girl, suggestions?

Feb 22, 2010

    1. I'm in search of a mini-sized head-sculpt with elf ears and a cute smile. I don't quite bond with Bobobie Pixie as her ears are a bit too long for what I want and her eyes are too big. I'm hoping for something with a softer, more child like face and roundish eyes (not the sharp outer corners) does anybody know any good sculpts for a little girl elf? I don't like the sculpts with changeable ears because the seam-lines bother me.
    2. What about Bobobie Mei? Her elf ears are petite, and she has a very cute, smiley face. My friend has a WS Mei and she's such a cute little fairy.
    3. Have you seen the Sprite too? I'm in total love with her ears! LOL. But I agree, Mei is beautiful as well :)
    4. Another option is to find a sculpt you like and get someone to mod elf ears onto her. Just a thought!
    5. There are a few elf heads available in the Minifee a la carte system, Eliya and Dark Elf Soo can both be fairly smiley... there have been limited Minifee elf releases in the past as well, if you don't mind looking on the secondhand market.

      But if you can't find exactly what you want, having custom elf ears done for you is certainly an option, that way you can choose the head sculpt you like the most regardless of whether it has elf ears. :)
    6. wildwoodflower- I've looked at Mei before but decided that her eyes just aren't quite right for me. I've been through Bobobie's dolls several times, because they have so many elves, but they mostly all have pretty angular eyes, like the corners are very sharp and tappered, and I want something with a soft eye-shape.

      IngieBee- Sprite isn't really smiley enough. She's got a kind of neutral expression.

      morganatron- I know, I'm just always nervous about additive mods because I want to maintain the translucence of the resin, and I can't have that if it's painted-over epoxy.

      skwerlie- I do like the minifee a lot, but there's more of that problem with the angular eyes, I'm hoping for something where the corners of the eyes are more rounded and soft, like with Ari, but I'd also like a bit wider smile than Ari.
    7. If the only thing wrong with a sculpt is the eye shape in the corners being too narrow and angled instead of round, you could always buy that head and send it off to a modder to get the eye shape changed to be rounder and softer. I don't think I've SEEN any smiley elves with round cornered, softer eyes, myself...at least, not that I can think of in the MSD size range.
    8. Yah, that's what I was gonna say :) Eye mods are very easy! So many people do them, easy to find a modder!
    9. Or you could try to find an RML M20F on the secondary market.

      My one (Lottie) is on a Volks MSD body:


    10. Happydoll Mabel sounds like what you're describing. She actually has an SD-sized head on an MSD-sized body, but the head and body look good together. (I have one, that's how I know.) Unfortunately she's no longer made, but you might be able to find one on the secondary market.

      I agree with everybody else, it might be easier to find a head close to what you want, then have it modded.
    11. Ayas-Shadow and IngieBee- The problem with that is that taking off the amount of material necessary to round the eyes would make them ridiculously huge, most of them are already quite wide.

      Teddy- I do have a love of Kaye's dolls, but that little girl looks so unhappy, she won't work for the character at all. M20F looks like the closest I've seen, I am interested, I don't suppose you'd happen to know what she costs these days, I worry that if her company's disappeared, her price has probably shot up beyond what I can afford. She does have perfect ears though.

      Mabel is adorable... I'm not really sure how I feel about the big-head thing though...

      I've always loved the the Luts Shiwoo Elf sculpt, but it's just too big... I wish the Minifee were an elf...
    12. I got my (since sold) Woosoo elf vamp girl's eyes rounded out, and it made hardly any different to their size.
    13. Just one more thought, LOL. Fei is a Mei only with almost completely closed eyes, which gives you an open canvas?
    14. if you don't mind a stylized sculpt... Volks Shinshia or Mishia is a darling little happy elf. you would have to find her secondhand as she is discontinued.... here is mine

    15. Dollmore Kids Torrie and Asha come with extra ears so that you change change your doll's ears from human, short elf, long elf, and mermaid. The Dolkot Juniors all come with magnet ears too so that you can change them from human to elf.
    16. well fairyland has five head you could choose from. Like maybe look at the Eliya head In the A la Carte system. so you can choose if you want a boy or girl. ^.^ and even if you find the right face you can always send them out to get elf ears modded on them.

    17. What about 5stardoll's new girl Lura? Her eyes and ears aren't quite as big as Pixie's, and she's a cute elf MSD girl with a nice little smile - and their bodies are fantastic from the reviews I've seen, at a really good price.

      I'm tempted myself, really. :D
    18. PandaGirl- Thank you, that's good to know, I will think about it.

      IngieBee- Hm, that is an interesting thought...

      MareOfNight- She's adorable! I will seriously consider her.

      Miss Ally- A bit too stylized for me, I think, but thank you for pointing her out to me.

      chienism- Thank you, but detatchable ears really bother me, this girl is going to have short hair so the seem-lines would be really visible.

      Siren_of_the_Sea- I'm considering Eliya, thanks.

      autumnrain- Thanks for the link. She looks a little older than the little-girl kind of look I'm going for, but she is a very pretty doll.

      Thank you for your advice everyone! I will consider many things!