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Looking for BF Xiao owners

Sep 28, 2004

    1. Hi!

      I'm have BF Xiao and I have been searching in the net but couldn't find another owner. I guess there have to be anyone else anywhere!! :oops:
    2. Ooooh! :o Do you have pictures? I've been trying to decide exactly which dolls I want to get, and Xiao is still on the list, but I haven't seen any pictures other than the ones on the BF site.

      Good luck finding another!

    3. Hi Ann!

      It isn't strange you haven't seen any photo in the net because you have to find an owner first!! I've taken some photos of her, but my website isn't finished yet. Let me resize a photo and I'll post it here ;)
    4. Here's my little girl. As you can see, she's really beautiful, I can't understand why aren't there lots of xiaos in the world :chibi :chibi

    5. Alhana- She's just lovely! :D Something about her eyes I think, that really gives her that great soft expression... How could you not love her face? I'm so happy you have one! As far as I'm concerned, the next best thing to having a doll yourself is being able to drool over pictures of someone else's! I hope you'll post more.

      And good luck getting your website up! You can count on me visiting!

    6. Thanks Ann for your comments =) I will post my website's url when it's finished and full of photos!

      Hi Mollie!
      I've seen Maria's livejournal and her xiao Nadine. I'm contacting her when she come back, I'd like to know many xiaos owners.
      I've also visited your web and seen your dolls -I love the intro picture, so nice! I'll link you soon :daisy
    7. For awhile I was considering getting the BF Xiao head and a boy body from them, too. I'm still thinking I might - but only after DOD Zen.
    8. Here is a pic of my little Yuki [BF Xiao] =^.^=


      I :aheartbea the Xiao mold, she was my first BJD, and I too am wondering why they are so few Xiao owners. Maybe she's not the obvious first doll one would consider? Too much character maybe?


      Edit: Last year (2010), my Xiao has had a new faceup by the talented Mingyi! Wearing Enchanted doll eyes 16mm + a jpop doll 7-8 strawberry blonde wig:

    9. Check the minarou site too. I love that they show you each head done as male/female in the part section. I think Xiao would look great as a boy.
    10. I have a xiao. ^_^ (my first doll ever actually), and a Lin which as far as I can tell is a dreaming xiao head. I don't have the best pictures. <--needs a new camera. Anyway the two of them seem to have the biggest personalities of the group.