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Looking for Dollfie funiture in toy stores?

Jun 19, 2007

    1. I want dollfe furniture but I'm having no luck fining any places that would have some? I already checked hobby lobby...
    2. you can look on ebay. I seen a few there try searching in Doll furniture alot of the time the seller will say that its for a 18in doll. they may also say fits american girl doll. In that case it should fit a MSD well.

      I got both of my doll painting chair at antique stores
    3. Some stuff for American Girl is a bit big for MSD. I know because one time I took an mini to a store that specialized in American Girl stuff including furniture. Some chairs were too tall or wide and made the mini look like a little kid. But there are smaller pieces too that work great with minis. Just compare the dimensions of your mini (or sitting mini) to the item's dimensions and you should be able to guess if the piece will be ok.

      In one of these - AC Moore or Michael's - there usually are unfinished beds in American Girl scale. I don't think they sell mattress and bedding but you can make those or buy them on Ebay (be sure to check what dimension bed the bedding is for).

      Re toy stores - the toy stores I go to (like Toys R Us and Kay Bee) do not carry American Girl or furniture for her. Occasionally Target will have some Battat furniture that is about the right size. But I am not sure if they still sell their American Girl clones (called "our generation" I think)

    4. Thrift stores can have some great stuff sometimes. . . so does Daiso (but mostly I've just found props there, like mini-sized food magnets and miniature gun-lighters and things). Ebay is a good bet, and although you checked toy stores. . . I wouldn't stop~ I've seen some really great, mini-sized things (including horses and a bathtub) in the toy section at my local Target. :)
    5. Target does still have it's A.G. clone dolls, but I forgot to look for furnature when I was in there the other day.
      I did see a chaise lounge in an antique shop, but I didn't want to get it because I didn't have a doll with me and I wasn't sure about the size.
      Shops like Marshall's and Ross tend to have a lot of stuff in the back with the "junk", usually mini dressers intended for use a jewelery boxes. They're perfect in size. I've also seen arm chairs there on occasion.
      Sometimes pet stores have small chairs for chiuahuahs... but they are a little pricey.

      If I go back to Target today for some other stuff, I'm taking Nat with me to check sizing of things. :)
    6. You can find some cute chairs on Ebay if you are persistent. I usualy search for chairs that are 9 or 10 inches tall (depending on the syle) and that have a decent height from seat to floor (around the length of my doll's lower legs, or a bit shorter).

      I got an adorable wicker chair with a heart-shaped back, and a nice wood chair. I think an American Girl would have a tight fit for her butt in them but they are perfect for my mini. They aren't sold as American Girl chairs, just as chair in the doll section. I sometimes do a search like this, in the doll section:

      chair (9.9.5,10) -barbie -bratz -american

      (then look at the results individually because you get few that are what you are looking for)

      Note - For slim minis some people are able to use furniture made for Tyler and other 15-16 inch fashion dolls. There doesn't seem to be a lot around and you have to watch out for items that are too slim (or too short in the case of a bed).

    7. My Ross had SD size tables and chairs the last time I was there.
    8. Go to JoAnns or maybe Micheals.

      They have whole sections for doll/bear sized accessories and furniture.
    9. Actually, the Hobby Lobby I work at has plenty of stuff that's about the right size. You have to look in the "Home Accents" section, or in the "garden" section. Don't forget to check in clearance, cause all sorts of crazy stuff goes in there. I've never found anything in the actual doll section. As soon as I get my next paycheck, I'm thinking of buying these little dressers I saw that should be perfect.