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Looking for Elves

Jun 3, 2005

    1. I know there are several elf fans on this board (Yay! For elves) but I would like to know about all the elf dolls out there.

      I know Luts/CP have several elves, but are there other dolls out there with pointed ears? If you guys could help me compile a list with pictures and brands that would be awsome!
    2. Let's see, the Lovelyhouse dolls have optional Elf Ears...

      There's a Shin_B on sale in the Marketplace right now. :)
      Have you tried Gigglegeek's website?
      http://www.gigglegeek.dk I think it's got like every BJD ever made... *_*
    3. Thanks, I'll have to check it out. :grin:
    4. Darn. Someone else already mentioned ShinB. It's the only doll I'm an expert on, seeing as I have one and she's my only child. Here's a link to the LovelyHouse web site. (I hope I'm doing this linking-thing right.) You can see some different types of elves there.
      If you click on the links at the top of the page that pops up, you can see their photos. Look at the "LovelyHouse Doll", "Gallery" and "Your Dolls" pages. Many of the dolls come with interchangeable human and elf ears, like ShinE, ShinCho and ShinB.
    5. bard check out the thread I started in the request area. calling all elves I think I called it.
      I too an working on an 'encylopedia elf' and alot of people posted pics and such of thier elves in there. all so lovely!!!
    6. Sylverdragon~Thanks I didn't look there! Thank you! :grin: I'll check it out!!
    7. Doesn't Sharmin (maybe all Serendipity dolls) have optional elf ears too?

      Just a thought... haven't checked out that request area thread yet...

      Loki's Mom :daisy
    8. Sharmin has optional long or short elf ear, along with human ears. The other serendipity girls don't, though.
    9. Some of the Volks MSDs have elf option ears, particularly through FCS. There are three or four different types of elf ears, too.

    10. I think some of the smaller Happy Dolls, like Earl, are Elves, too. ^_^
    11. Real Missing Link! They're just heads, but the M20-F model is really cute with its big droopy elf ears. I don't know if there are any other RML heads with elf ears?

      :daisy Wonton
    12. Volks makes optional/removable elf ears for some of their MSDs.

      There are a couple of FCS MSD where you pick the ears.
      (cat ears, bird wing ears, robot ears, bat wing ears, and elf ears.)

      I have an FCS MSD F-13 I named Gino.

      Here he models two types of elf ears.


      With long elf ears (donkey style)


      with medium elf ears (pig style)
    13. Eeee.! Gino is so cute! And "Donkey Ears" and "Pig ears" really had me laughing! Those aren't the official names by any means - are they...?

      Here's Volks Shinsiya and Misha MSD:

      Shinsiya has Elf Ears, and Misha has "Angel wing" ears.
    14. Awsome! Thanks everyone! I'll have to check out someone the sites you guy recommended! Thanks for posting some of the Volks dolls too! I hadn't really seen any of their elves! :grin:

      I love Gino with the pig-style, he's great!!

      Janne~ thanks for posting your two little ones as well! It's great to see all the different elf ears out there.

      So the there are certain FCS MSD that have the option of elf ears? Is my understanding of that correct?
    15. Yes, a couple of the MSD heads in FCS have optional ear slots. You can choose elf, robot, dragon or monkey ears, for instance.

      Shinsiya and Misha are regular Volks releases - probably soon to be available in pureskin.
      Shinsiya has elf ears, and Misha has the angel wing ears.
    16. http://kakyuu.0catch.com/shoppe.html

      First head at the top, M-20F. That's the MSD one, the SD one has the really long ears, but I can't find it ^^; (Not even sure if it's a RML?)
    17. Only elf I know of is Luts elves. Btw, can anyone tell me how tall the dark elf is? She's my dream and currently saving for her, well, best I can. Is she two foot tall or shorter?
    18. You mean Dark Elf Soo...? She's about 60cm tall... or about 20 inches.
    19. Thanks. ^^

      I did see on ebay an elf someone had created the ears for. He was quite handsome but only like 17 inches tall.