Looking for Info on Konji dolls

May 15, 2005

    1. hi there! :D
      Someone sent me the link to this korean webpage on a new BJD that's about 4 inches tall. You can change the eyes and wigs! I thought they were really cute. Does anyone have more info on them?

      This is the website: http://www.konji.co.kr/
    2. The Konji are pretty cool, for what they are.
      They aren't made of resin - they're jsut plastic, and their posability is really limited, and Candy's leg has a nasty habit of falling off, but she was worth the $17 I paid for her.
      My Candy is the old-style dress Konji, the one with the pink dress and hair; as you can see, I made her a new wig. The flippy pink one just didn't suit her.
      There are some old topics about them, somewhere.
    3. where did you buy your Konji doll?
    4. I bought Candy from Dollmore, through a group-order last December. That is something I'll never do agian, I'll tell you. However, Learn2Fly carries Konji dolls & accessories.
    5. Thnak you for the info :grin:
    6. also eluts.com has them ^^
    7. does eluts.com still work?... all I get is: The page cannot be displayed :(
    8. DOH... nevermind I wrote www.eluts.com... no wonder it didn't work
    9. The Konjis we got from Dollmore were the old ones, before they improved them.

      I've got all Konjis (except for the 2 newest ones and I Love School) in stock, along with the clothes, wigs, and eyes.

      I'll be adding the 2 newest dolls and the new clothes sometime tonight.

      Rainman sculpted the little Konji dolls and the owners of the company are very nice. They are cute little dolls!
    10. I e-mailed dollmore... waiting for an answer. How much time did you wait for them?
    11. We waited for. freakin. ever. :|
      We ordered in December, and I don't think I got Candy 'till April.
    12. I really like the Konji dolls, even though I figured out I had to be pretty careful them after one broke at the knee. They are fun to customize and I don't worry with them as much as I do a more expensive doll. Working on perfecting a mohair wig for them :)
    13. Does anyone know how the old and new Konjis differ?
      I really am rather fond of Candy, but i'm always so scared she'll break again. (Not to mention the rather sucky posability.) I'm torn between saving for an ElfDoll Adel, or getting another Konji, or just keeping her as-is.

      This is the old-style casual Sonji. She reminds me of the ElfDoll Sisters.

      This is my dress Konji, Candy. She looks more like Adel/Dodo/Sylph. (Up until last Friday, I'd always thought they were the same, but with different face-ups.)

      Oh, and their little shoesies are sculpted on.
    14. What is the difference between the old Konji dolls and the new improved ones? And which dolls are the old ones and which are the new ones that are improved? These dolls look very cute and I am thinking about ordering one.
    15. i saw 2 konji dolls for about $20 on ebay today. i don't remember how many days are left in the auctions though. maybe you can catch them!
    16. I really like my Konji doll(s). -I- broke my first one by tugging too hard on her delicate thigh joint and snapped that sucker right off. But I ordered a new one from Davona and she's so fun!

      She can wear Lil' Bratz clothes (for the most part, not all fit, but most do) and the accessories for Lil' Bratz fit Konji just perfect!

      Hope that helps. I don't have any pics of my Konji, but I'll try and get some for you. :)