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Looking for LatiBlue Boy A measurements

Oct 15, 2007

    1. I'm looking for very specific measurements of the LatiBlue boy body A type. I have already verified they are not given by Lati.

      Arm length extended (out to side)
      Arm length relaxed (hanging)
      Arm circumference at widest point
      Hand circumference at widest point

      And if someone gets tape measure happy, I really need a LOOSE tape measure laid from approximately where a wig rests to the shoulder blades. Leaving a wig on for this one is even better!

      Thank you to anyone who reads this!
    2. Shoulders 4
      Arm length extended (out to side) 5 1/8 (not counting hand) 7 counting hand
      Arm length relaxed (hanging) 5 3/4, 7 1/2
      Arm circumference at widest point 2 3/4
      Hand circumference at widest point 3 1/4

      (all in inches)

      not sure what you're looking for, for that last one :sweat is it for a hood?
    3. Yes, for a hood. I wanted from the FRONT where the wig rests (I forgot to specify :sweat) OVER the head down to maybe mid-shoulder blade? Ah...the wonder of making clothes you don't have models for. XD
    4. like from the first arrow to the second arrow here?


      (i have the tape a little loose since he doesn't have a wig)
    5. Yes~ like that. And your nails rock. I got that last measurement though, thank you!!
    6. ok! *salutes*

      hehe thanks, they've grown out quite a bit and make things difficult x_x but they're too pretty to remove lol