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looking for links to 70cm size props

Aug 16, 2006

    1. I would appreciate any links to sites for props that are scaled to Hound.


      liquer bottles
      chairs...especially bar stools
      cigs and cigars

      and on and on

    2. I have a couple of swords for sale that are hound sized but that's it for now. My friend is stalking around town for her boy currently so might find some more ;)
    3. elfmoon has hound sized props, vases etc for sale and I have a hound sized (not SD 13 but definitely Hound) elecrric guitar with leather hard case to sell (no thread for it yet)
    4. I have some props left under marketplace/accessories. And everthing is $1.00.
    5. Pam (and me) are primarily currently looking for Bar props :)
    6. I think the best bet will be to scour any of those "unique" shops in your area. I have a Hound sized couch from a gardening place and once found Pawtucket Patriot (Family Guy beer brand) mints in a Hound sized beer "can". I can't think of any places that deal in bar items to that scale, sorry I couldn't be more of a help.
    7. Kohl's department stores have these neat candles that come in miniature alcohol glasses.. I'm not sure how close to the right size they are, since I only have a mini, but they might fit. ^^
    8. There are a few 'glassware' items at Michael's:

      These are in the wedding aisle. There are champagne glasses and martini glasses as well. They seem about the right size, just a bit large perhaps. They come in massive sets, though, so I haven't picked any of them up yet myself, plus they're plastic...but I've never seen glass one this size.

      There's also a box of little votive-type candles which come in perfectly hound-sized 'drinking glasses'. The candles are even sealed in plastic so you can just slip them out of the glass. I couldn't find a pic on the website, but they're also in the weddng aisle, in a blue box. They sound rather like what Namaikhan mentions in the post above, and if they are the same thing I can indeed confirm that they are Hound sized. These I do plan on picking up one of these days, just haven't yet. ^^;

      Edit: Okay, I checked today and the champagne glasses are definitely big. They're 4 1/2" tall. ^^; They may still work as background decor on a glass rack, or something, though. Also, I finally picked up the 'Dining Lights' votive-things. They are excellent little glasses. Click here and here for pics of my Husky holding one of them. Oh, they come in a pack of 10.
    9. Because most letter openers aren't too well-suited for the job. XD

      I've been told that a good sword for a doll this large would be around 30 to 40cm, and there's just nothing out there that large that dosn't look odd due to a huge, human-meant hilt! X.x;

      Anyone have any reccomendations as to a size substitute, or a place where swords for our big boys can be found?

    10. Dollmore has swords in stock but I'm not sure if the size is right for 70 cm dolls ...
    11. I have some pictured with Dollshe (katana+tanto style, European and fantasy styles), though you do have to be careful depending on the type of sword you're looking for. They were measured up and I asked for advice from the local sword expert in town about the ratios so there are some out there depending on what type you're looking for.
    12. i bought two 1/3 replica swords for my 60 cm boys and when they came they were way too big for them to hold. i also bought a long letter opener type and it was way too small for them to hold. i cant find any that are right. the other one i bought was sting from lotr sword replica. the hand hold is good, but the size makes it just look like a dagger, and the witchking and gandalf ones were too slender and small hand holds. any one have any better ideas of where to get one? my shiwoo is just sooooooo annoyed that he hasnt got one yet. elisabeth
    13. go to a knife shop, they have them in malls, you can get incredible things there.
    14. try finding envelope openers, I found some pewter MSD sized ones in england
    15. I'm thinking about getting a sword too, I've been researching and found this website that sells them for 60cm dolls, there are only katanas though...


      I'd love to get more information too.
    16. http://www.cyberjar.com/jensrandom/swords

      those are posed with DoTs (64cms) but I have tried them on Hound sizedd guys. if you're looking for a straight edge I have a couple of fantasy swords long enough to be longswords (though no scabbards)

      Here's an example of one (please don't mind the bald Saint >.< he didn't have a wig at the time) sorry for the nasty pic but I took it with a crappy camera. I have different angles as well. I can take some new ones on th 6th when I have access to a Husky boy as well (can take with the other swords I have for comparison)

    17. I ordered a set of those for Seimei (my Hound-), just to check the scale...
      While they *are* the right length for 70cm dolls, they're just too bulky to look at all realistic. The hilts are much too large, even for Hound hands. :(
    18. wow really? I was going to order a set of those for my friend's hound. Now I know to send her the other one I bought for her instead! Eep!
    19. Thank you so much for letting us know! In that case I won't get them either.
    20. are you specifically looking for a katana?

      Like this?


      Or more European like swords? I can go have a gander and see if my local supplier has anything new in