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Looks like Domuya will have DP13 LE preorders!

Apr 29, 2005

    1. It looks like Domuya will have preorders for DP13 LEs! Look at the very last news item!

      28 April 2005
      -Ajumapama Outfits and accessories are updated.
      -Sato Exclusive FCS are opened for order. Closing Date is on 30 April 2005. Please send Doll Makeup Description or any photos after submission of order immediately to speed up processing time.
      - Update on Custom House Outfits are coming soon.
      - Update on Luts Shoes are coming soon.
      - Preorder for Dolpa 13 Limited Dolls coming soon.
    2. Do you have a link to the page where you saw this?

    3. Yeah, just log into Domuya at http://www.domuya.net. It's in the block of main news items.

    4. If Domuya has them will Volks have an after event?
      If I remember from last time Domuya has them available before the after event?? or was it after?
    5. The News & Notices section on the front page has been updated today with the following:

      1 May 2005
      - Dolpa 13 Limited will be ready for immediately purchase soon.


    6. Yes thoes prices are typical of Domuya I guess they have to make it worth their while.

      I really need real pictures of all of them before I could order I think.

      especially VSD-LSDUshiwakamaru and Arashi I hope we get to see owner or closeups from the dolpa before they go on sale on domuya.
    7. how can they be out of stock when they are coming soon??
      everything sold out during preorder??
    8. I dont think they are put up for sale yet. They will be later today, was my understanding.
    9. Well, they *are* coming soon, but until they're in, they're out of stock. That's what most companies will do. They want to let people know which dolls will be in stock soon and at what price, but they also want to let people know they're not available to order yet.

    10. I'm just so torn. I don't know whether to spend the extra money for a "sure thing," or wait it out in the hope that I win one at the after event. Anyone else going through the same frustration?

      I'm such an *awful* decision maker!

    11. that's what they mean...
      thanx guys for clarification.
    12. I'd say go for it. After all, who knows what the mark-up will be if you miss him, and have to get him secondhand.
    13. Lia,
      You KNOW I am right there with you!
      *_* :? :barf
      I did that with Kohya, but regretted it.
    14. there's also YJA, some sellers on ebay will probably sell the dolpa dolls, and then also there is a chance that D&H might get them. (who knows!) and also there might be an online after event like volks did for the last dolpa. (who knows there either!)
    15. So is there after event online on the volks store?
      I know they did this with Kaede it started our time at 12pm and ended at about 12.05!
      That was how long it took for the dolls they had to sell out.

      Or do you mean via some kind of lottery offered online?

      I would like to know more lia. Which are you in love with?
      I hope to see pictures of the real dolls on yahoo before I take out my wallet.
    16. there's no way to know yet whether there will ge an after event and if so, how they will hold it
    17. The cool thing about Kaede was that basically everyone who wanted to order her was able to as long as they ordered her during the preorder periods. Unfortunately we don't know any details or particulars about what "kind" of after event there will be yet, or if there even will be an online one--I'm *hoping* there will be one!

    18. yeah, that was really awesome about Kaede.

      Also... wasnt Kurenai and Cyndy II pretty easy to get at the last online after event...?? I know Rengemaru and his twin seemed to be impossible to get...