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Loongsoul 62cm boy review?

Sep 17, 2019

    1. howdy yall! I've been considering the 62-01cm Loongsoul boy body for one of my floating heads, but I am absolutely struggling to find any reviews or coverage of it online - the 68cm is far more common/popular(?) and makes the one i'm after very difficult to search for.

      i'd really like to know what the community thinks of this body!! if you know of a review to link me or if you have this body and are willing to spare a few minutes, i'd really appreciate it!

      does it have a wide and sturdy pose range? can it stand unassisted and without fear? are the unusual bum/thigh joints useful, or inconvenient?

      supreme bonus points if any has both this and an SD akagidoll head and is willing to hybrid em briefly! :'3 Thanks in advance <3
    2. Hi! I am sorry that I cannot answer your exact questions, but I've heard that their makeup isn't so good and it takes a long time for them to make their dolls.

      Hope you can find your ideal body<3
    3. I have no experience with that specific boy body, but I just got a Loongsoul Antje girl. I will admit that she can't curl up fetal position, but I absolutely love the shape and size of the body. I like her resin and she did come with an extra hand and it did take me 6 months to get her new, if that helps- with the company. She can hold her hand to her face, and she has extra notches in her shoulder to hold a variety of poses. But when it comes to actual flexibility, not so much.
    4. I had this body! I liked it a lot, I sold it because my boy was too little aside my other dolls.
      It can be let standing without fear, and it have a wide pose range. It asks a little of time to manage some of them, but the thigh joint is really usefull for some poses. I was very happy of it.

      This is the style of pose you can give to a doll with this body:


      I hope my opinion is useful!
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    5. @mikabc hmm, I don't mind a wait! thankfully i don't have a need for body blushing (the blush in the body's promo photos looks.... bad, haha...) and I'll be hybriding on a head that already has a faceup, so the makeup wont be an issue :)
      That's good to know, though, thank you! I was hoping they'd have a faster turnaround since they seem to be a more medium popularity, but oh well.

      @Christina_Xx ooh, thank you! i must admit my standard of "good posing" in my crew is a Luts doll, so my metric is pretty unfair lol.
      I have nooo idea if loongsoul sells bodies separately, but if they do i might have to see if i can also order spare hands or if they only package them with full dolls... hmm.

      @Follow-the-Wind ahh your doll is so pretty!! thank you, that's about the style of pose I would like from a body :D i'm impressed that the body seems to be able to stand with its legs bent with no aid, and the thigh joint seems really clever, tbh. I'm glad to hear you liked the body! Thankfully, the doll I would like this for has no other dolls in his world, so he doesn't need to match the rest of them.

      Thank you to all three of you for your input!!