Loongsoul Doll 1/4 doll discussion

Sep 28, 2011

    1. http://www.loongsouldoll.com/
      This is Loongsoul Doll 1/4 doll discussion thread^^
      Here is the introduction of Loongsoul Doll http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5571774#post336497

      Bootleg / sale of illegal copy of LoongSoul doll on eBay -- dollfie-home

      LoongSoul Doll Announcement (Warning about Copied dolls)

      Skin colors comparison:

      ***Please Note***
      Loongsoul 69cm girl clothes were designed based on the Corset Style in Victorian, again according to the personal understanding to complete the re-design. Loongsoul have supervised the entire manufacturing process. The clothes are completely made with Loongsould 69cm girl measurements. All copyright belongs to Loongsoul. There's nonthing related to any other personal clothing designer.
    2. it's been a long wait for the 1/4 girl!
      can't wait to see more pics.
    3. She looks cute and it's nice to see that LS started doing some fantasy themes, too. :3nodding:
      If the 1/4 body posses as well as their 1/3 ones, we have something to look forward to.

      May I hope there will be breast size choices?
    4. she looks SOO cute!
      I love the body! It quite reminds me of the MNF shape that I love!
      The face is a sweetcake!

      OMG I want ><~~
      What to do? *no money moment*
    5. She's very cute and I may just have to break my ban on 1/4 dolls. I'm not sure if I'm surprised or not, that she seems to be a mature mini (considering their other girl dolls). Bust options are likely though.
    6. Height :42cm
      Head: 18cm
      Circumference of neck: 7cm
      Width of shoulders: 9cm
      Circumference of chest: S 16cm, M 18~19cm, L 21cm
      Circumference of waist: 12cm
      Circumference of hips:18cm
      Leg length:21.5cm
      Foot length:5.5cm

      here's the measurements^^
    7. I am looking forward to seeing her with the large bust option as well as pricing for her.
      pretty doll love the mature bodies on the msd's.
    8. Thanks, catas, the photos are perfect. :)
      I like her flexibility, nothing less expected from Loongsoul, and the bust choices.

      Will she come with the wings, too? Or those are only for the promo photos?

    9. I'm so into this girl right now XD
      But the Loongsoul chinese website confounds me ><
      Isn't she for sale yet? Any chance she'll be available by dealers?

      She'll probably be limited and I really don't want to miss her because of lack of information ><''
    10. I don't think she's been officially released yet.

      If you're in the US, I would actually recommend buying from their rep, Mint on Card. MoC is an awesome company and they only charge shipping from them to you - which I'd guess, in most cases, is less than shipping from Asia to the US.

      I agree. I'd like to see something in between the small bust (really a no-bust) and the medium bust. The large bust (OMG turn down the headlights!) looks way too big for such a young looking girl. The body sculpt is gorgeous though.

      I think if I were to buy her I'd actually go for the no-bust. You normally don't see such a flat chest on a doll that is more or less supposed to be mature.
    11. Does anyone knows if loongsoul resin matches with supia resin?
    12. How much will she be from moc?
    13. @elika77: You can check the Loongsoul doll resin and size comparison thread if there is anything.

      @Disir2K: She hasn't been released yet, so no pricing available atm.

      Adding another size would be nice; the gap between the smallest size and the second breast size is just too big.
      (Hope somebody from Loongsoul does come and check the discussion thread for customer voices.)

      Loongsoul always seems to have big breast girls, I'd like to see the smallest (almost flat) chest from the 1/4 size available for the 1/3 and Grace sized girls. It would be perfect.
    14. Does anyone knows if Loongsoul NS maches Peakswoods NS?
    15. 1/4 girl MOMO release ^^ all information updated on the news thread
    16. LOVE the giant boobie option!! I want to make another bobble head hybrid with her! My Florence hybrid needs friends!!!
    17. Lol at the giant boobs. It's good to have options, but yeah it's true that while all my 1/4 tend to be kids, i think a size between the small and Medium would be good.
    18. I was really hoping this would be the body for my minifee head but like others have said, I'm not sure I like the current bust options either. I would really love a size in between the small and medium, other than that, it is a beautifully sculpted body.
    19. Momo is really sweet!! >v< She is so lovely and her body is the type I like! Wish I can save enough to get her! ><