Update LoongSoul Doll Announcement (Warning about Copied dolls)

Mar 10, 2010

    1. Recently there was a pirated LoongSoul Doll spotted on eBay. LSdoll confronted the seller and the auction has since been removed. With the realization that LoongSoul Doll's are now being copied, LSDoll has released the following announcement:

      To purchase a LoongSoul Doll, we would like to advise our customers to make their purchase only from our official dealers. Any purchase from unofficial channels will not be recognized as an official LoongSoul Doll. LoongSoul will not offer any customer service related to products not purchased from official dealers. If you have any suspicion that a seller is not an authorized LoongSoul seller, please contact us. For a list of authorized dealers, please click below:


      Thank you.