New Doll [Loongsoul Doll] Son of PiXiu·Lu & Daughter of TaoTie·Lan Release!

Nov 16, 2016

    1. Dear all,

      Our two new dolls Son of PiXiu·Lu and Daughter of TaoTie·Lan have been released!

      The order period is 16th Nov,2016 to18th Feb,2017.

      From 16th Nov,2016 to 16th Dec,2016, you will enjoy 12% off.

      From 17th Dec,2016 to 17th Jan,2017, you will enjoy 10% off.

      From 18th Jan,2017 to 18th Feb,2017, you will enjoy 5% off.

      [42cm boy] Son of PiXiu·Lu


      [42cm Girl] Daughter of TaoTie·Lan


      For more information, please visit our website LoongSoul

      Thank you^ ^

      LoongSoul Doll
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