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Loongsoul Doll Tiny discussion part 1

Jan 28, 2012

    1. Finally! I've been waiting for this news from the day Loongsoul Doll released their 1/4 doll.
      Owning three LS dolls, a tiny was on my wish list forever.

      The first one announced is a cute little dragon.


      Anybody else happy to see them coming? :)
      If they are like their bigger siblings, we have a lot to look forward to.

      ...Mod Notes....

      Company website: www.loongsouldoll.com

      This is a discussion of Loongsoul Doll Tinies.

      Loongsoul Doll Tiny discussion part 1:
    2. I've seen them in real! :drool They are even better than in the photos. So small, so cute.
      The body is double jointed and it seems to have thigh joint (tried to see under the clothes), but I'm sure LS will post the naked body photos when they are officially released.
      And if tiny follow the SD releases, there should be an option for human parts as well.

      They were displayed in the GZ DP (some LS dolls photos here).

      I've been patiently waiting for a nice tiny girl from LS, so my plan is intact. The only 'bad' thing would be if I decide to get a tiny boy from LS, too. :sweat
    3. I love the tail! I wonder if a DZ Moon head would fit this body?
    4. Tsukasa: Thanks for sharing your photos! Hope it's okay if I repost an image from the set:

      Even if the big dragon is the focus here, it actually shows the little dragon to good advantage. I'm definitely loving that tail, and I like the style of the legs, too. :)
    5. It might. You could try it. DZ white skin is actually a pretty close match to LS white. I have an Emily and a white DZ Mo-B head and they're really close - the Mo head is a few shades paler but with the right faceup you wouldn't be able to tell.
    6. That's good to know, but unfortunately I'm already waiting on a Moon in DZ's normal pink. At the time, I wasn't thinking about body-swapping possibilities. I wonder if these little guys will have a NS option, or just white & fantasy colors? I have to say, I like the blue... hm.
    7. Dug some info: The girl is Tianbao (Sky) and the boy is Dibao (Earth).

      And the bodies:
      Tall:26.5 cm
      Head:15.5 cm
      Eyes: 14mm
      Neck:6 cm
      Shoulder:7.5 cm
      Chest:13.5 cm
      Waist:13 cm
      Hip:14.5 cm
      Leg:11 cm
      Arm:11 cm
      Shoulder-wrist:8 cm
      Thigh:8.5 cm
      Foot:4 (length) x 1.8 cm

      Two tails (one for the girl one for the boy) and human legs / hands will be available. :)
    8. Thanks for the pics! I'm a little sorry to see the tail isn't jointed, but it's still awfully cute. :)
    9. Finally out! ;)
      Their names, Tinboo and Dinboo, are a bit different than I read the day before.

      And now the true wait for my tiny dragon girl begins.
      I have been told 3 months, so will see how it goes.
    10. Oh, I am so in love with that boy! Does anyone know if it's possible to get him in the bluish colour he's in on the pictures?

      Also, which of the bodies are considered a boy body, and which is considered a girl? I would like the body with a jointed torso, but I have no idea what to ask for...

      ETA for Babyelf:
      Maybe these pictures will show up for you:
      Dinboo and Tinboo on ebay :)
    11. feather: "Caesious" is one of the color options. Apparently it means "bluish gray" -- I had to look it up. :)
    12. I posted a news in News subform, with all details of these 2 tiny dolls, maybe it can help you
    13. Logodae: Thank you. I guess that means the colour Dinboo has in the pictures then :)

      Catas: It helped! I saw in your thread that it's possible to order the three part torso if you buy the human parts, and that the one piece torso is the dragons' default. But what is the difference between boy and girl dragon bodies?
    14. 1st, tiny dragong girl and boy have different tails^^
      2nd, regular tiny girl and boy body are almost the same, only different in se***l organs
    15. Thank you Catas, now I understand :)
    16. I've ordered mine through jeeryama on ebay, and she said it would take at 4 -5 months to make these dolls, as they are limited. Too bad, though, as it means no one gets to see them before the ordering period has run out, unless we're really lucky. Looks like we're in for a wait. :/
    17. The same here, I've ordered Tianbao/Tinboo in azure/Caesious skin two months ago. I think, I would be the longest waiting time of all my dolls 8- ))
    18. Ready? Tiny dragons are coming. :)
      Here is a quick photo of Sorincha, my LS dragon girl Tinboo.
      I'm now traveling, but I took a lot of photos just before I left, so hopefully I'll have the time to sort and post them before long.



      And there is news posted by catas that another new tiny, Binbin, is coming as well:
    19. Sorincha came to say hello

      @zaba: LS dolls are worth the wait for sure. I'd to see more LS tinies around, they seem to be quite underrated.
      A small boxopening for (not only) those who are still waiting.

      Btw. there are four new LS tinies. A bit tempted by KeKe, she could make a nice friend for Sorincha.
    20. Morning yoga or poseability bragging ;) :



      She stands great with the dragon feet. And as other LS dolls, she poses and holds postures pretty well.
      I haven't tried her poseability with the human legs (it's a bit pain to change such tiny parts), but it will definitely be even better.

      Totally understand. Mine came just when I was leaving for longer vacation, so I didn't have much time to enjoy her and I had to leave her for nearly one month. But I was glad she arrived before I left; it's a huge difference if one knows a doll is safely at home.