Loonsoul Rongtain

Sep 16, 2016

    1. So, I was planning on buying Loongsoul RongTain, 73.5cm doll because he perfectly fits my idea for my big brother/dad character I have. (I plan to switch the head over to the 80cm body I bought because the little sister I plan to shell is tiny compared to him) but was wondering if anyone else has any pictures of him preferably with the manufacturer face up. From the company picture he has this perfect mix of stern father figure and caring big brother. The kind that no matter how serious he is you cant get him to stop with the dad jokes when out of the public eye. (You know the really bad ones.) But I wanted to see some reviews before buying. (Dont need that buyers remorse) But I am unable to find anything like unboxings or reviews. Does anyone have him or have the orders just not gone out yet?
    2. The orders for Rongtian have probably not shipped out yet. I have ordered mine on 27th June from Alice's Collections. According to them, he should be shipped out in December. Still a long way to go!
    3. Okay thank you and dang that's a time well If i don't do something when i want to i never do so I'll buy him and just have to hope Or wipe it and send it out for a face up.
    4. @applelilly you're welcome! I hope you will like him ;)
    5. you must tell us how you like the doll!!!!!