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Losing/Misplacing Doll Parts or Dolls?

Dec 7, 2006

    1. I was just looking at some pictures and one of them had a random hand, sorta like Thing from the Adam's Family. XD
      So I was wondering.. Has anyone ever lost their dolls parts? Seeing as sometimes you'll leave a hand out, or maybe some feet...
      I know I'm not very 'organized' so I'd be too paranoid to do that XDXD
      Well... yup..

      (Also there are no topics about this, I searched ^^)
    2. Curiosity pushes me to ask: do you mean optional parts? I know for one that between my two boys, they've always got their hands and feet on unless I'm doing scrubbing time. XD
    3. I did lose Rooster's optional 'swearing' hand for a while ^^;;; When I found it, though, he was more than happy to use it on me :sweat:
    4. In the haunted dollies thread, someone mentioned losing their Nanuri head.
    5. I lost hunter's s hook to his head once. This was when i first got him, and was scared to death! I drove to my friends house and asked her what to do about it, and she gave me one of her spare s hooks. Of course, when i got home, i found my own i thought was lost. :)
    6. Haha, that was me! :sweat How random. XD Well, kornkob mentioned it for me. Yes... I did lose him. Or rather, he went on an adventure!
      We left him on the bed and went out to a doll meet, and when we came back, he had just disappeared out of thin air! I thought I wouldn't ever find him again, but thankfully this week I got a message from Kornkob saying that her mum found him under HER bed! :? I have no idea how he got there, as he was left in Kornkob's room, not her mum's room!

      Well, I guess that's typical Reno for you! :lol:
    7. my sister lost one of her Dollti Wooyan's hands at AFO....one his "normal" hands too.They come with seven magnetic peg hands and most of them are rather.....violent looking.
    8. When Volks was replacing my Suzuna's leg I had her unstrung and my cat took her feet. It took me a few days of searching the house to find them after I realized they were gone, but I did find them....
    9. I have a SoulDoll Paris who has the tiny neckbar about 3/4 inch long. I was trying a Volks head on his body for a friend of mine to see if it fit the SoulDoll body, and instead of unstringing him feet first like I usually do, I tried to just change his head with the elastic at full tension. I pulled on the orange elastic that holds his head cap on and FWING! Lost the neckbar! Gone forever, I bet. I cut and sanded him a new one out of a wire memo holder with the same diameter.

      The replacement neck bar.

      Linda S.
    10. ... I lost a pair of eyes and 1 of my f-13's ears. I'm still depressed about that ear.
    11. I lost one of V's hands. In the meantime I sold him thinking they were all there. Luckily I sold him to a friend who lives down the street and she wasn't too worried about it... since it was one of the "Swollen" looking original hands. X3

      I keep losing Raiden and Andesha's head caps since I'm always swapping them places.

      Since I cast two heads I've sculpted I'll periodically find a head cap somewhere bizarre or I'll find a mis-cast head that's filled with odds and ends(pennies, staples, pins) on my desk that my husband's cleaned up. X3
    12. I lost Morigan's right human ear for a while... I found it but I lost it XD Its kind of funny looking back on it. >.> <.<
    13. LOL, I bet there'd be a market for miscast head pencil holders!:aheartbea
    14. I lost my 16mm green glass eyes. Last time I remember it was on my T.Bee-a that I sold a long while ago. However I remember moving it out before sending her to her new owner. I have no idea where they went. Green was my fave too. <__<;;

      I've also miss-place alot of my doll stuff. ^^;; I would look for them like crazy.. and then settle down. 1-3 days later I find them in places where they shouldn't be. <__<;; Boooo me.

      Im trying to be more organize by puting things in zip lock bags. ^^;;
    15. Whoah o.o So I know I'm not the only one who could lose something important XD

      And to reply to the first poster: Yes I mostly meant hands and feet, but it seems people have lost a lot of other things!
    16. Oh man, I'm always worried that's going to happen to my girl! Those bars are just so tiny..... :sweat

      Al's spare hands will go semi-missing at times, but for the most part all body parts are kept attached!
    17. While I was re-stringing Hayes for the first time, I lost his hand, his S hook, both of his eyes and his shoe. I found them, all aside from the hand. 'Thankfully' it was the El ANSGT>:{ hand. I am so glad I ordered extra hands for him <3
    18. Whoah losing all that at once o.o Sounds scary!
    19. i lost the souldoll metal neck bar too x_x however, i told mom not to vacuum untill i found it. after 4 days, there it was, near the carpet edge (next to accumulated dust and breadcrumbs xDD)
    20. I've lostTristan's hoodie, and the metal parts that go inside his feet (that makes his feet all floppy)

      I've lost the default eyes that Requiem came with, but they're really stupid looking pink ones, so it's ok.