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Sep 29, 2020

    1. Discussion for Lost Chronicles 1/3 dolls. You can find out more via their instagram: Login • Instagram

      Allurial is the next to go up for pre-order. Here's the info:


      "Allurial will be available for a short layaway.
      The pre-order will be open for 30 days, possibly from December till January.
      The price for white and pale pink skin will be 160€, tan skin will be 170€.
      Shipping still is more expensive than before sadly, I am only allowed to ship via express to certain countries like the USA. I hope that changes once I open the pre-order.
      Allurials neck is 9.5cm (I intend to keep her on the #dollshe body)
      She wears 12-14mm eyes (here she wears 14 mm (4.5))
      head circumference is 20cm"


      I saw this girl and it was love at first sight... I am trying my absolute best to be ready for the pre-order. I need to save a bit. Is anyone else planning to join in??
    2. I LOVE these sculpts, it's the first time I've had such a reaction to a SD doll. They have such mature and elegant faces.
    3. I’m not getting an Allurial, but I do have a Shima waiting for production. I was lucky enough to get in on the second preorder. It’s one of the only dolls since DoD’s Elf Ducan that’s actually made my chest hurt because I wanted it so bad :D Not gonna lie, drained the savings a little bit lol. They’re absolutely amazing sculpts and I can’t wait to see what else is coming up.
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    4. I know right? It's been YEARS since I had such an 'instant-want' reaction.

      Ah that's exciting! Shima was the first to catch my eye. What colour did you go for? Any body plans? I feel the exact same. I have sold some dolls so I can be ready for the preorder, I know I need it! I'm wanting to get the tan which I think might be a bit hard to match.
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    5. I got Shima as well, she is now getting a face up by Apheliondoll.
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    6. I'm waiting on a Shima head too (from the 2nd preorder) :) At the moment I plan on putting it on a Fairyland Feeple65 body, mostly because I love how that body looks and have always wanted a doll using it. But I'll wait until the head arrives before making any definite decisions.

      Allurial is lovely too, but I just don't know if I'll be in a position to preorder at that time - it's looking to be really doll-heavy in the next few months for me :lol:
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    7. Also twaddling on the Shima waitlist. My fellow is currently hanging with the creator until the shipping situation gets better. I thought I was going to get Allurial but now I'm re-doing my collection. May still sneak her in though- these sculpts are exquisite.
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    8. I got the normal skin, so hopefully it should be easier to find a body for XD I’m going the alternate route though and I’m gonna make mine a boy, haha. I’m really not sure what body to use yet.

      I have a Feeple65, so if someone wants a picture 8 months or so down the road, I can make that happen lol. That body is really lovely
    9. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's Shimas. It will be good to know what resin matches there are! And that's one thing I like about both Allurial and Shima, they have a good androgynous sort of look, they could easily work for male or female characters.
    10. Yeah, exactly. I remember first seeing one of her sculpts here on DoA a loooong time ago (it feels like lol) and falling in love back then, so when I saw the Shima mold, I knew my time had come. I can't wait to see what everyone else does with theirs! The faceups were simply stunning.
    11. I totally missed out on the last Shima pre-order for some reason (I know I saw him being promoted on FB or Insta and just... didn't immediately stuff him into my shopping cart for some reason?? What was I thinking??), so I'm hoping that LC will have a stock sale sometime later this year or next year, or that I'll get lucky on the second-hand market and find him there. And it might be possible that she'll offer him again if the demand is high?? Maybe?? Please??

      Allurial is cool, but I like Shima's little fins and beautiful, androgynous face so much. I'm keeping an eye out for any other sculpts LC makes in the future too!!