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Lotsa questions about puki puki from someone considering a fulset Please help :)

Sep 14, 2009

    1. Hi there Hubby promised me a new doll as a graduation present and thoug I have tried to convince him to let me have Abadon he just won't budge on the amount I am permitted to spend. between 200 and 300. I really like to start off with full sets and faceups so that kind of limits my dollie choices. I like the Puki Puki Pukisha dolls and am considering one of them for my gift but I don't quite understand some of their terms can you help me figure things out??

      I am kind of torn between these three Puki Puki's

      Hawra Hafra http://dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=127

      Snow http://dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=33

      Rose (pink maid) http://dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=166

      My questions to you are

      1. What is a Pukisha Lucky Punch????

      2. Can you put different faceplates on the pukisha that didn't come with it? Also can I put a lily faceplate on a Rose doll? Or do the faceplates pretty much have to have come with that doll?

      3. If I am reading this correctly none of the magic items (I assume this is the Pukisha hands, ears, and feet, or wing tip boots correct) come painted are they that difficult to paint yourself??

      Any help you could provide here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
    2. 1. I think this is extra hands...not sure...
      2. you can put any pukipuki face plate on another puki puki body. so if you wanted all three of those pukis you could buy 1 full set and then 2 faceplates and swap them arround as you please ^_^
      3. it depends how you want the magic items to look... I mean if you just wanted them plain black then yeah, its easy peasy ^_^ But if you don't want to paint them yourself you could probably find someone on the forum to paint them for you for a fair price :)

      Congrats on graduating, and congrats on your future pukipuki ^_^ Good luck making your decision ^_^

      EDIT - you wont be able to get the bottom 2...once full sets sell out ...they sell out! the pukisha 1 is very cute though ^_^
    3. Well sweetheart, the Snow and the Rose are sold out, the only way you're going to get those is to find them second hand on the market. I do believe the outfits are available though?

      Pukisha lucky punch is a hand set, that only comes with the fullsets, that just punching cat hands.
    4. YAY great well If I can get the uber cute rose pink maid outfit them I am please as punch because I actually like the Lily face better. I am more partial to the pukish doll itself but wasn't sure I would always want it to look like a kitty.

      Just checked the site and no cute pink maid outfit for me. Darn it denied again. I finally went back to school after all these years and am finally graduating I better convince him to finally order or I won't even get my pukisha LOL.

      Thank you so much for your help. Guess my decision is gonna be alot easier than I thought LOL.
    5. Thanks Yeah I found that out. It ok though because the one I really wanted most was the Pukisha.

      I can airbrush the magic Items then so I can have them all sparkly and fun LOL YAY

      Thank you so much for the help I really appreciate it.
    6. LOL! I just ordered a Pukisha Hara Hafa today! She'll be my first pukipuki! (But I have plenty of other tinies and they tend to be SO charming!) I love that you can switch out the faceplates and other bits pretty easily although I think she is mostly going to be Pukisha HH - just LOVE that face and the position of her little paws! Excellent choice!
    7. Congratulations SerenitySLR (and DarkStar)! Pukisha Hawra Hafra was my very first BJD, after several years of resisting all the "hottest" sculpts at my local doll club, I totally fell in love with that adorable little face. I got the White Skin version because I had visions of turning her into a Siamese (my favorite), but once I saw how PERFECT she was, I gave up that plan immediately. The best "forward planning" I would suggest is that you find a carry-case that fits in the tote or purse you use most, because the Pukis make fantastic travel companions, whether you're taking a dream vacation at an exotic locale or just commuting -- I have a purse with a shoulder strap that's got one compartment just the right size for Ruri in her checked "sleeping bag", one pocket for a camera, and a third pocket for a few extra outfits & maybe a spare wig.
    8. As for traveling box a case for glasses is great. I have a pretty big one for my PukiFee. Perfect!

    9. Oh, excellent idea! I think I have a couple of the hard-type cases from old sunglasses! She'd be nice and safe in one of those! Already I am feeling like this wait is going to be excruciating, and I'm also waiting for the two Realpukis! Apparently Fairyland is my new best friend!
    10. oh wow hey what a super idea I never thought of that. I have tons of those in different styles because I have worn glasses since I was in third grade and you always get a new case when you get new glasses.

      You could even cover it then glue it to a little bigger box and make a little travel house out of the box. the glasses case would be the soffa and when you are done slip Puki into the case to hold it more securely. It would be kind of like a bigger Polly Pocket playhouse LOL.

    11. I was looking at member pics of her because sometimes the finished product looks nothing like the pics and she is certainly pretty. Are her little clothes as well made as they look? Or are they more like Kelly clothes?
    12. I can report from personal experience that the Hawra Hafra outfit is very nicely made, as is the white Snow Fairy dress, and my new Black Lily's outfit (can't believe FL managed such perfect fishnet tights on such a tiny scale)! And the pleated skirt from the "Puki Hoodie - Girl" set is perfection, but the hoodie doesn't fit well (sleeves are too long, and it's a weird length) even though it's well-made enough. Some people complain that the FL wigs aren't what they expected -- it took me a couple of tries to get the HH cap on right-side-up, and the mohair looking right, but now I'm so fond of how it looks on Ruri that I've ordered the same wig in blue for my new Lily. Every piece I've seen from FL has been much nicer than even the 'collector' Kelly stuff, and I think you'll be pleased.
    13. WOW thank you. that must be really difficult to sew on such small scale. I really appreciate all of your help.
    14. It's also a good idea to keep an eye on Denver Doll Emporium, they often get in-stock Puki sets or can order them for you. If you live the US and buy an in-stock item from there, you'll often get it within 2 or 3 days, which is really nice :)