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[louisemariellen]Serendipitydoll Shipping.

Apr 15, 2006

    1. First, I am so sorry to those who are waiting for their babies.

      Frankly, I resigned my position in Serendipitydoll from last month... so,
      I am not really in the position to reply you with authority.

      But, I forwarded all inquiries to the Serendipity master and I just sent him e-mail again asking about your dolls.

      As he is a quite responsible man, I believe he is trying his best to finish and ship your dolls.

      Just, I guess, as his English is not good... he can not reply your e-mails as fast as I did and probably he thinks to finish the shipping ASAP is the best way to reply your inquiries. :?

      I will come again if I hear from him again.
      Though he backed out from Amazon, as he is still making and selling dolls through Dollmore, and I heard he will open own English shop, too, I believe He would not do any irresponsible things.

      Frankly, I feel very uncomfortable about this situation, too. But for now, the best way is to wait for this answer.

      Hope you have a good evening!