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Love a sculpt, but don't know what to do with it

Jan 30, 2019

    1. So I've always liked dolls and my mom collects antique doll so she always had doll magazines around, and the first ABJD I ever saw was Muse doll Re Che on the cover of HAUTEdoll magazine in I think 2006. I was fascinated and started researching all I could find out. But since I was still in high school it was way out of my budget. About 2 years later I finally get my first doll. A less expensive smaller doll. After that whenever I have money and want to get one, they are not being released. Anyway after years I finally get one but can not decide how to style it. What eyes? Hair? Clothes? Let alone a name or face up. I think after so long thinking of possibilities has made it that I don't want to make a decision. I love this doll and there is no way ill sell it now, but I also don't have it on display because it bald and naked. And I know I would enjoy it so much more if I had it on display.

      So anyway, sorry for rambling, but I just don't know how to get past my indecisiveness, and wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar issue.
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    2. My grail spent a few months in a void, put away in a drawer, before I figured out how to customize him. The idea I had while dreaming of one day owning this doll, was quickly turned down when he arrived. It just really wasn't him, so I waited patiently, though I did worry a little - after all, my first concept failed and a better one didn't replace it immediately.

      Trying various eyes, wigs and clothes might help you figure out the looks. It can be even pieces of fabric, just to see how you like different colors on him. Also writing down ideas, even tiny ones, for names, personality, whatever you can think of.

      I say give it time.
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    3. ^ Dedra's advice is great. Honestly in the same boat with my floating napidoll OE head. Wasn't sure what I was going to do with her before, but after putting some wigs and eyes in her, I have a plan for her now. Be patient with it is all I have to say :)
    4. I've felt this way before too. And packed my doll away but then I said "I love this doll and I want to see it" so I put it on display in my room all bald and naked and guess what? I found the style gradually by looking at it every day. Hope this helps ^--^
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    5. I have a Dollshe Rosen I kind of bought impulsively with a similar problem. I have a fondness of Dollshe's original boy line, and had been tempted on and off over the years to buy one. My friend had a Saint, and I was getting tempted again because sewing suits for both of our dolls would be fun and just when I was being swayed to buy one I happened on a killer deal on the DoA market place.
      I've had a really hard time deciding what to do with him, and now, a few years have gone by, and tonight, he got his very first wig.
      Most of my dolls have specific 'wants' but since Rosen was kind of a blank slate I just went out and looked at fiber until some spoke to me. So maybe just look at eyes and wigs and when you land on something that you really like on it's own, maybe make that your doll's style?
      Names can be tricky. Most of my dolls have named themselves pretty quickly, but occasionally I get dolls that just don't want names. I have an Impldoll Aries head- everything else is chosen eyes, hair, clothes, what kind of faceup, mods I will do to make him mine/fit the body I chose, but no name. He hasn't been put together yet since I can't finish modding him, but I hold out hope that once he's put together, he'll pick. So maybe once you have a better idea of style, a name will grab you?

      I like @midolls*melissa suggestion! enjoy looking at the beautiful thing you love until you decide what to do with it.
    6. One of the things I like to do before deciding on a look is to see what other people have done with the same sculpt - not because I want to copy someone else's doll, but because it's a good way to see what wig colors, eyes, clothes, etc. might look good (or bad, lol) without having to spend the money on trial and error. You can do a web search for Re Che and look at images, and you can even do a search on DoA - e.g., here are a few pages of owner pics, although some of the picture links are broken, there are still a lot of nice ones. Anyway, it's a pretty good place to start so that you don't feel overwhelmed by too many choices. :)
    7. I see it as the perfect time to buy all the wigs, eyes and clothes you love, but none of your other dolls would ever wear! The character can come later, once you've found the look you like. Sometimes, just throwing together a bunch of things you like will make the doll "speak" to you.
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    8. Yes! I know just what you mean. :hug:

      I was able to purchase my absolute grail of all grails after many years and I have NO IDEA what to name him AT ALL. Part of it is that I spent so many years convincing myself not to run away with plans for the sculpt because I was certain I would never be able to own it (and it broke my heart just a little bit less that way). And then all that time, I just used the sculpt's name...so I look at him and can't think of any other name than the company's. Hehe. But I would like to come up with my own special name for a doll that is so special to me. And thus the other part...I want the PERFECT name. Hehe. I have decided to give it time. He's not going anywhere so we have all the time in the world. :chocoheart

      As for styling, I put whatever makes me happy on him and stare at him anytime I'm in the room. He is out and I get totally sidetracked passing by and have to stop and sigh and think how beautiful he is. I change his wig often or restyle it, and sometimes change out his eyes too. I have decided to let him be fluid and just enjoy all the looks he can have.

      I'm not sure if this ramble is helpful at all, but for me, I have decided to just enjoy my doll as much as possible and not stress myself out over possibility or expectations for him. He brings me joy and that is more than enough. I hope you can find something that feels right for you and your doll too!
    9. This has happened to me with Miracle Doll a couple times!

      Recently I bought a Miracle Doll Vic head that I never, ever thought I would get... (discontinued sculpt + out of my size range = no) and now that I have him I'm pretty apprehensive about what the heck I'm going to do with him.

      I just plan to give him an on-the-fly faceup when weather permits, and I hope he'll come together as I go. That's what tends to happen!
    10. maybe you could plan several characters and mix/match clothes/wigs and see which combinations you're most happy with?
    11. i usually just put on random wigs/eyes/clothes until i find something i like. maybe just put a very basic faceup on it until i get an idea for what i really want.
    12. I have the same problem with Dollshe Orijean.
      He's such a wonderfully creepy sculpt, I just must have the head, but have no clue what to do with him, really. I never buy a doll without having a character first. The process of finding the right one usually takes quite a time in my cause...Orijean is only exception, so he doesn't fit any of the characters I have planned. There are two candidates, yes. But the fit isn't exact...

      Give the inspiration more time. You could try to find out if the doll reminds you of something. Anything at all. Like...colour, situation, person, season, feeling, taste and so on. This can sometimes trigger chain of other associations which would be good starting point for styling your doll. Or try reversed approach: is here something what definitelly wouldn't go well with the doll?
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    13. I recently got my grail doll. His story was set and he seemed to agree with it. But he hates the style I gave to him. He hates all of his clothes. Honestly, I just say give it time. Although I already have his story set, I’m still trying to figure out who he really is. It’s something that requires time. Hopefully we can all figure out our dolls’ personalities ❤️
    14. Being 'bald and naked' was never a reason for me not to display the doll. I love all my dolls and I love looking at them. I do not always know how to dress them, but I trust that inspiration will come if I give it time.
    15. I got a Minigenue sitting right here watching me who I'd bought to be Morticia Addams. Stupid idea - she's really not the right sculpt for Morticia. Recently, the Addams Family plans fell through, I sold "Gomez" and had put up "Morticia" for sale, too, for about a week or so. Thing is - she doesn't want to go, so when the potential told me they had to back out I decided to keep her for the time being and try to figure out WHO she is. I think she might be a redhead instead of black-haired ... I also think I'll send the faceplate away for a face-up soon, to an artist who'll do artist choice face-ups. I really have no clue how I want her painted but there's some fantastic face-up artists out there and it'll be interesting to see who they'll turn this girl into. :)
    16. I bought a Doll Love Cecelia head as soon as I saw her and I didn't know what I wanted to do with her, until I remembered that there is a makeup app that you can input boundaries for facial features and put makeup on (for people but I was like hey why not because they look human enough, right?) and I messed around with it until I found the perfect face-up for her!
      The app is YouCam Makeup (on at least the Google Play Store) if anyone is interested
    17. I always struggle with this as often I fall in love with sculpt because I've seen the company version or someone's version of the doll that I just love. What helps me deal with it actually often turns out to be the dolls themselves. I've bought dolls that was meant to be a jrocker, but they turn out to be more casual and modern and low key. So just trying different things with them can help. Alternatively, I look at photos of real people who may have a face similar to the doll and see if that can help inspire the idea of a face up.